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Partner - As a partner at Frantz Group, Greg is intimately involved with the strategic planning of many of our customers as well as our own emphasis on continuous improvement across our organization. Greg has worked at Frantz Group since 1997, spearheading a large number of innovative and leading edge projects in that time. From building dynamic content websites in the mid-2000's, optimizing traditionally sales orientated CRM environments for marketing use, B2B Email Marketing programs, SEO services, to extending functionality into a variety of marketing automation applications as they became available, Greg's experience with the use of strategic messaging and technology to extend marketing reach and drive business growth is extensive. Google + Profile

Tips to improve marketing results in the 2nd half of 2017

While there’s a lot of optimism around today’s economy, we talk with prospects every single day who are struggling to see the real impact in the first half of 2017. Today we’ll look at 2 of the major reasons for that struggle, and offer some suggestions on how to improve both your marketing and sales [...]

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When to add outbound telemarketing to your your b2b marketing mix

Inside sales & digital tactics often have real constraints We run into this situation a lot.  An organization that has a reasonably strong digital presence and a mix of inside or outside sales people to qualify hand raisers may feel that they're covering all the tactical bases.  But leadership notices a challenge: they struggle to [...]

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Tradeshows: Pre-Event and Post-Event Best Practices

Companies invest many thousands of dollars on B2B tradeshows & events every year, but without proper pre and post activities, the return on investment is minimized. In your search for better outcomes, attend your next event with high expectations and make the effort to reach your prospects. You have to put yourself out there if [...]

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The advantage to retainer marketing services – getting past constraints

Retainer marketing programs - getting past your internal constraints and driving real results Frantz Group is a B2B growth strategy & marketing agency focused on reaching your sales & marketing objectives using modern demand generation solutions that include a proper blend of inbound and outbound tactics. Retainer marketing allows us to work with our clients to establish monthly budgets [...]

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2017 Marketing Plan – Tips to ensure consistent lead performance and revenue growth

As planning for 2017 is well underway for most organizations, it is important to take stock of what performed well in the prior year to provide a base estimate for performance in 2017.  With a good estimate to work from, the process of aligning your 2017 marketing plan to your revenue goal can begin.  The [...]

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