Tips to improve marketing results in the 2nd half of 2017

While there’s a lot of optimism around today’s economy, we talk with prospects every single day who are struggling to see the real impact in the first half of 2017. Today we’ll look at 2 of the major reasons for that struggle, and offer some suggestions on how to improve both your marketing and sales [...]

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A place at the Frantz Group Marketing Table

When I was growing up in my large extended family, we would always have to add card tables to the end of the main dining table to accommodate all my grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends for holidays, birthdays, and any event where we celebrated by gathering people together. My parents, John and Kathyrn, insisted [...]

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How value centric messaging can improve lead conversion rates

Right Offers Gives Meaning to Messaging, Paves 500% Lead Conversion Improvement Marketing Executives and Business Owners today are often tasked with growing revenue. It can be a long and adventurous journey to get to your destination of growth. This adventure is exciting as you see more prospects engaging in a dialogue about how they can [...]

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When to add outbound telemarketing to your your b2b marketing mix

Inside sales & digital tactics often have real constraints We run into this situation a lot.  An organization that has a reasonably strong digital presence and a mix of inside or outside sales people to qualify hand raisers may feel that they're covering all the tactical bases.  But leadership notices a challenge: they struggle to [...]

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Tradeshows: Pre-Event and Post-Event Best Practices

Companies invest many thousands of dollars on B2B tradeshows & events every year, but without proper pre and post activities, the return on investment is minimized. In your search for better outcomes, attend your next event with high expectations and make the effort to reach your prospects. You have to put yourself out there if [...]

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