The advantage to retainer marketing services – getting past constraints

Retainer marketing programs - getting past your internal constraints and driving real results Frantz Group is a B2B growth strategy & marketing agency focused on reaching your sales & marketing objectives using modern demand generation solutions that include a proper blend of inbound and outbound tactics. Retainer marketing allows us to work with our clients to establish monthly budgets [...]

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Overcoming Constraints In Your Marketing Approach

The Reality of Marketing Today The situation now is, that the economy is heating up, and for the first time in a long time many businesses have a genuine chance to pay down debt they may have encountered over the last 6 to 8 years, grow top and bottom lines and improve their overall business [...]

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2017 Marketing Plan – Tips to ensure consistent lead performance and revenue growth

As planning for 2017 is well underway for most organizations, it is important to take stock of what performed well in the prior year to provide a base estimate for performance in 2017.  With a good estimate to work from, the process of aligning your 2017 marketing plan to your revenue goal can begin.  The [...]

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Growing B2B channel partners, elevating the revenue performance of your next partner tier

You can selectively grow partners from the 80% of your channel currently delivering 20% of the revenue.  How can you afford to do this? Which partners should you invest in? Read on to learn more about our recommended approach. The improving economy presents revenue growth for tech firms and their channel.   The question for [...]

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Channels of Sameness

Channel businesses (VARs, Resellers, and Services organizations) face steep challenges when it comes to standing out in the Sea of Sameness. Channel owning brands want prominent branded themes and syndicated content carried through on their channel partner websites, creating a situation where a lot of sites start to look the same and few can really stand [...]

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