Maintenance renewal campaigns: Lost revenue, found.

Maintenance agreements lapse for many reasons - none can be called good for their vendors - and once they do, they must either be won back or said goodbye to. That second option is ‘not an option.' Winning back lapsed maintenance agreements is good for vendors because it returns what could potentially have been enormous [...]

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Relentless lead generation efforts drive benefit processing software success

Creative and Relentless Account Based Lead Generation Efforts Contribute $658K of Revenue, and 70% of Ongoing Sales Pipeline Nearly two years ago, Frantz Group started a relationship with a provider of benefit account processing platforms. Frantz Group provides inbound responder follow-up and targeted outbound lead generation services to this client. We act as a closely [...]

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Frantz Group Sees Continued Growth with Inbound Marketing & Digital Strategy Services

Frantz Group has shown tremendous growth within its inbound marketing and digital strategy services in the past year. By doubling the number of clients and tripling the amount of services provided, we are in a strong position to continue our growth path, with great experience across a variety of industries, inbound techniques, and website sophistication [...]

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