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What sets you apart in that “crowded and noisy room,” the marketplace? The
answer: Companies and products are set apart by the same sorts of traits and
characteristics that make each of us valuable as individuals – personalities. For
companies, this translates into things like corporate culture; how our values and the
issues we’re passionate about combine with our corporate mission to make us the
individual kind of community we are – our company’s “persona.”

Frantz Group helps companies pinpoint and highlight their (possibly hidden) talents.
We’ll find your gifts – sometimes found in stellar individuals or initiatives, sometimes in
the strength of a dynamic group or an amazing product or mission – and utilize tactics
that allow you to play-up those strengths, using all your assets to their best advantage,
in order to help build and fortify your most valuable asset of all: your brand.

We’re not talking about revamping your logo or ‘corporate identity’ here, though in some
cases that may be required. We’re talking about the intangible aspect of how your
company is perceived: a company’s brand is the very essence of who that company is,
and is evident to all with whom it comes into contact, including prospects and clients,
employees, the general public, ‘stakeholders,’ and so on.

In case you’re still not convinced of the power of branding in today’s marketplace,
here’s some information you need to know:

  • Consumer buying behavior applies increasingly to B2B because of the Internet,
    so branding is more important now than ever because potential purchasers
    research online.
  • Since time is valuable, buyers tend to first search brands with which they’re
    familiar. If they find what’s needed, end of story. There is a documented
    correlation between improved brand recognition and increased odds of higher
    profit margins.
  • The power of branding is strong; buyers tend to trust their perception of your
    brand even over what you might now tell them about your product – if your
    perceived value is bad or lackluster, you’re outshone by another and will work
    hard to win back your good reputation.

Truth: A strong brand with a winning message can bring business to you. Your brand
has a life of its own and, used properly, can take you far.

How does Frantz Group accomplish brand enhancement? We assess a company’s
current situation and build strategies, unique to each client, for improving it. If the result
is a campaign, it might consist of a series of brand enhancement and marketing tactics
to be executed over a given time frame, with results to be analyzed and adjustments
made in an ongoing relationship, or otherwise.

Strategies include things like:

  • Positioning companies and products properly within market segments
  • Focusing a company’s persona
  • Finding sweet spots
  • Engineering plans to showcase key attributes / core convictions through various
  • Finding novel ways to spotlight the most valuable talents within a company –
    video is extremely effective for this; see below

Tactics might include such elements as:

  • Building strong tag lines to call out unique capabilities more clearly
    Enhancing overall messaging to express a client’s brand/mission across all
    possible avenues.
  • Marketing tactics like, SEO and site audits, social media and internet marketing,
    content creation including FG’s proprietary videos, blog consulting, online
    reputation management, lead generation (both phone-based and through other
    tactics), and many more per Frantz Group’s Services Roster.
    Note: Video is extremely useful for brand enhancement.
  • Delivering personal messages: Frantz Group C-level videos have proven to be
    excellent vehicles for communicating directly with high-level executives. These
    videos most often showcase key individuals from an organization delivering a
    personal message; this direct communication technique wins for demand
    generation and brand enhancement.
  • Video testimonials: Buyers tend to believe what other users say about your brand
    over what you yourself say, so testimonials are invaluable tools for enhancing
    value and credibility. Video testimonials are also extremely practical; they can be
    applied to websites, blasted to prospects, used in marketing campaigns and
    repurposed in countless ways.

Frantz Group will find ways to make you stand out among your peers and be the ‘best
possible you.’ We’ll help your company capitalize on the value you may be hiding and to
put this value to work toward netting the rewards you deserve.