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Landing Pages

Beyond corporate websites, there are many ways the web can be utilized to increase effectiveness of direct marketing campaigns, including social networking, micro-sites, forms, landing pages, web-casts, online demonstrations, personal URLs, click-to-chat technologies, online value calculators and other sales tools, etc. Frantz Group is adept at weaving web elements into integrated marketing programs in order to communicate with prospects in increasingly personal ways, more effectively engage strategic prospects, accelerate the lead generation process, provide meaningful, targeted, and timely information to prospects, and capture information about campaign hand-raisers/responders. We utilize state of the art marketing automation tools to seamlessly track and measure inbound marketing programs.

As a part of our inbound marketing offering, we work with our clients to determine the best fit for tactics, based on where we expect traffic to come from. Ideally, we work to enable great calls-to-action (CTAs) on a customers existing web pages to help assist with conversions. However, there are many cases where it makes sense to take a more campaign centric approach to initial visitors, and this is where our landing page development services come into play, allowing Frantz Group to be more creative with the theme, while staying true to your brand guidelines.

Our tools make it easy to replicate pages and use them with and without conversion forms, based on the type of offering and the tracking technologies being utilized. If email marketing is involved, we’ll know the identity of a visitor as they arrive. For social and advertising programs, designing a squeeze page with a simple form for hand raisers is a great way to get set up for ongoing marketing activity to new prospects.

These same principles can be extended to support mobile devices as we see more traffic coming from smaller screen sizes. Responsive designs are helpful, so mobile clients are delivered the best possible version of your compelling content.

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