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Marketing Program Analytics

Marketing program analytics refers to Frantz Group’s campaign KPI tracking which shows us the results of various actions over time, i.e., numbers of emails, phone calls, website visits, interactions, conversions, video views, or similar, over x-number of days or hours, vs. results such as numbers of leads generated. Studying this information reveals what is working well and what may not be, and helps determine where changes might be helpful. Though all campaigns begin with solid strategies, numerous factors can intervene, necessitating constant tactical evaluation and periodic adjustment. Every time our clients go to market, they need to be prepared for anything. If they are not vigilant, they not only waste money, but can miss precious opportunities. FG analytics and metrics inform the evolution of campaign strategy, allowing it to become continually better and to net the best possible return on our clients’ lead generation investment.

We invite you to learn more about the impact of integrated marketing tactics on your marketing program success. Our approach helps our customers make sense of where to best allocate their dollars for optimal performance.

Frantz Group is adept at combining data from a variety of sources to assess and analyze your performance and results. Frequently, calling data will be pulled from a CRM System, web analytics are pulled from Google Analytics, Silverpop, Social Media Tracking solutions, or other Marketing Automation solutions. The goal is to assess what tactics and messages are most effectively driving traffic and conversions to your organizations’ contact points, whether they be human, email, social, or web based mediums. Extending your messaging into multiple mediums is an important task for effective campaigning. The analytical challenge is that sometimes, one particular contact point reaps most of the credit for the conversions. Smart marketers know that there is far more to their recipe than just an effective landing page or catchy toll-free number, and being able to view your results across a variety of mediums is the most effective way to illustrate and justify budgeting for your cross-channel programs.

For a great look at how to help optimize some of your inbound tracking, we invite you to view our webinar series on Improving Inbound Marketing Analytics. This multi-part series helps explain how to effectively enable your website to provide relevant marketing data to your campaign leaders.

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