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Inbound Marketing

Today, prospects have more and more online marketing information at their fingertips; prospective buyers are going to the web to start their research – are you making it easy for them to find you? Once they’ve found you, is it easy for them to establish a relationship with you from your site? Those questions help frame the real answers to the question: What is inbound marketing?

Expand the reach of your message

Leverage Frantz Group to help you incorporate inbound strategies through targeted tactics like: SEO, social media marketing, video, blogs, and content marketing. We can craft an online program that is unique to your goals and in-step with your core messaging. Be competitive and top of mind. Make your business visible to the ideal prospects you are looking to attract within the online venues they frequent. Earn their attention through relevant compelling content. We can help.

B2B Inbound Assessment Overview

Download our inbound assessment overview.

Assess what’s working and what isn’t with your existing site

Are you currently running inbound or web campaigns, but having trouble justifying the investment based on current performance? If so check out our Inbound Marketing Assessment program. This program is designed to help demystify inbound marketing and show logical and achievable steps to improve your processes around your existing website.




“Working with the Frantz Group has been great, they provided insights and specific metrics regarding our web presence that we had never considered before. We will be taking a harder look at our internet presence to incorporate the newfound knowledge.”

Chris Meyer, President, The SMS Group

Improve traffic and performance across your website

Inbound Marketing Funnel

We view inbound traffic in a similar fashion to a marketing or sales funnel. Every step through the pipeline will have some fall off. The goal is to drive more web traffic, for the right keywords, to your site. From there, we want to see people interacting with more than one page, perhaps a white paper, case study or video. If your calls-to-action are properly placed on the site, you’ll drive more MQL conversions. The sooner this can happen in the buying cycle, the better positioned your organization is to influence the buying process. As all the pieces come into place, investments in search engine marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing start to become a lot more effective, because you start to see real MQLs and nurture candidates out of the programs. For more information, we offer a webinar series on Improving Inbound Marketing Analytics.

Use the right tools to measure results and drive performance

Frantz Group utilizes best of breed marketing automation tools to help measure and predict success for inbound campaigns, integrating tracking results from paid, organic, direct, social, and referral visitors to your website alongside visitors from email campaigns. See, score, and effectively follow up with your responders based on specific pages being viewed, and granular documents being accessed. Utilizing A/B sample testing helps ensure that the most effective messages are getting in front of your prospects in a variety of venues. Effective inbound marketing relies on the ability to quickly shift priorities based on changing market conditions and events. Adding in click-2-chat services allows that initial relationship to be created just a bit sooner in the information gathering process, much to your advantage. Our ability to cover a wide scope of services enables us to keep you effective without having to continually renegotiate contracts with other providers. Proper measurement and integration of these tactics is paramount to success.

Need help further qualifying web visitors who convert to leads and progress them through the pipe? Not a problem, Frantz Group can help develop a comprehensive inbound marketing program that is a healthy combination of driving traffic, improving interactions, converting leads, and preparing them for sales through a human touch.

We will help to ensure you travel in the right direction, and that you get the miles needed out of an inbound strategy to drive your business forward.

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