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Improving sales & marketing offers will drive business results

Right Offer Workshop

We’re here to drive your marketing growth initiative. The right offer, with well-formed value-centric marketing messages can improve marketing and sales results by as much as 47%. Often, companies focus their sales and marketing efforts on features and functions rather than value. The lack of a clear, compelling value proposition is one of the primary reasons companies fail to fully achieve their aspirations. As a result, they see less growth and lower marketing and sales outcomes because they have not differentiated themselves.

Right Offer Workshop Overview - Improve marketing results with value centric campaigns and messagingIf you’re still working on consistently capturing growth, we find that forming differentiated, value-based offers makes a difference.

  • Right offers increase proactive response rates to outbound activity by 15% or more.
  • Right offers cause an 18% to 47% increase in MQL conversions.
  • Right offers help sales deals close faster and help you unlock client budget dollars and avoid RFP cycles.

The impact of this is so significant that Frantz Group has decided to bring forward a Right Offer Workshop which can be scheduled with your own team, in your location. With Frantz Group’s Right Offer Workshop, we can, in 4-6 weeks, help your team:

  • Create a value-centric offer for a key set of capabilities to a specific vertical.
  • Define and Refine Target Personas.
  • Research & Develop Competitive Value Matrix.
  • Develop a Messaging Matrix.
  • Digital Recommendations to support messaging.
  • Integrated Campaign Plan to get in market and drive results quickly.

In 4-6 weeks, we’ll help your team get to a right offer and take that offer to market to drive greater results.   You exit the exercise with a well-formed offer, research, supporting materials, and a go to market plan to achieve an 18 month revenue objective for the offer.


Enable value centric messaging and offers in your campaigns

Along the way, your team will learn how to form Right Offers and win in the marketplace.   Fast… challenging… impactful.

Right Offer Campaigns Drive Real Marketing Results

Want to see Right Offers in Action? Check out our latest case study.

Is your company communicating your value the way your customers and prospects want to hear and are willing to buy from? Is your unique value being carried from your business strategy planning all the way through your marketing plan and sales proposal messaging? Contact us today to learn more, or call us at 800-707-0064.

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