Why use Frantz Group

We aggressively, ever advance our client’s growth through market differentiated strategy and marketing execution.

Fundamentally, we are a strategic business growth, marketing operations strategy and execution company for the technology developer and associated channel ecosystem. Our purpose is to grow our client’s business valuation.

We do that by initially assessing the unique opportunities, challenges and marketing fundamentals of our customer. Then, we provide them with ongoing retainer based leadership assistance in the development and deployment of a growth strategy, a marketing gap analysis and correction guide, a marketing objectives calendar, a content development calendar and an annual marketing plan with budget.

Where marketing campaigns are needed, Frantz will either provide complete and/or as needed marketing services for the resources necessary or will ramp up the campaign execution process until it works correctly, then transfer it to customer internal resources. If financial planning assistance is required to build the working capital necessary to execute the strategy, we provide that.

To accomplish business growth, Frantz Group’s key strategies are:

  • We continuously develop and deliver the most effective and affordable planning services.
  • Recommend and implement testing methodology for continuous iterative improvement in the marketing mix process.
  • We leverage testing methodology to develop the most compelling, creative content in the industry.
  • Assess, recommend and implement inbound marketing optimization tactics which include affordable base content and web site enhancements.
  • Deliver the best human interaction with the prospect; our employees are ambassadors for our client’s brand, vertical and solution focus.
  • All our involved employees are included in the initial development and ongoing maintenance of campaign direction, messaging and performance.
  • Our employees will simultaneously drive leads and collect, communicate and apply market intelligence to optimize the campaign outcome.
  • We will provide our customers with the most insightful metrics and analytics to drive ongoing improvement.
  • We will assist or lead the client content creation process.
  • We will utilize best of breed tools to improve all execution services.
  • We will be the go to vendor in the channel ecosystem when it comes to cooperative marketing efforts.
  • We will develop and maintain a complete data base of chosen technology developer channel partners to assist our channel owner client’s in locating compatible partners.

The Frantz Group has been built to support business valuation growth. We offer the core skills and partner network to move our customers forward. Let’s get to work!

John Frantz