When it comes to running successful B2B Technology Lead Generation programs, your upfront strategy and ongoing discipline are both essential to success. Today, we recap several recent articles that are all designed to help your organization develop the right approach to getting in market with successful marketing campaigns. By creating more strategic marketing campaigns, your organization will see greater success in your target markets.

B2B Marketing Campaigns that cut through the noiseMarketing Campaigns with a Human Touch drive business growth

Marketing tools are generating more information to sift through than ever before. Want to stand out and be heard? Try combining your content marketing efforts with a human touch. Our recent article examines how to be more effective with your marketing mix, combining messaging and tactics in a way that generates results that drive more leads to your pipeline, leads that have a better chance of closing and driving business growth.

economic buyer - marketing campaigns

Building a bridge to the Economic Buyer

Ever lose a deal unexpectedly? Did your team work tirelessly networking with the key technical contacts and project leaders? So why the surprise loss? John Frantz expands on this topic with his recent blog post, explaining and simplifying the approach to building a better bridge to the economic buyer within your marketing campaigns and sales process. That doesn’t mean abandoning your touch points with active project leaders, technical contacts, coaches and influences … more that for complex technology deals, you want to develop a relationship with the real economic buyer, to better guide your sales approach with the rest of the decision making team.

Large Account Marketing Strategy

Large Account Marketing

Account based marketing is a popular trend, enabling companies to cover a variety of decision making roles in upcoming deals. Large accounts tend to be a breed of their own, and require a more specific approach that can sometimes break down the boilerplate used in traditional account based marketing programs. In the article Large Account Marketing & Sales Strategies to Drive Business Growth, we outline important approaches to large accounts and complex sales.

Frantz Group is here to help your team share the load on navigating these complex scenarios. From named account profiling, to messaging and offer development, content & digital marketing, and all the way through responder management and inside sales. Our team works tirelessly to help your team succeed, and we supply the missing critical services that will compliment your teams. Our Right Offer approach helps businesses quickly get in market with marketing programs geared to drive results.


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