Digital Marketing and Advertising

Digital Marketing and Advertising

Optimizing marketing and advertising materials for lead generation requires careful thought to messaging, offers, and response channels. When you start moving beyond just Search Engine Marketing (SEM), considerable options open up in terms of creative and delivery mediums.

With our true demand generation orientation, Frantz Group helps our customers achieve tangible, measurable business results from advertisements (mostly online, of course, but still occasionally including print where appropriate). Banner ads and such tactics as newsletter sponsorships can provide additional reinforcement of integrated campaign messaging, and augment response/lead flow from ongoing campaign efforts. Digital ads can utilize specific landing pages, or pages that have been previously optimized for conversions through an SEO program.

Ads can be structured based on the number of impressions, number of clicks, or in some cases, the number of conversions. These metrics vary considerably by providers, but our experience in driving new inbound sources allows us great familiarity with a number of great venues. Some are publishers, with reach across several online interest areas, while others are user-orientated groups, focused on specific interest areas like IT Security & Automotive Engineering. There are a lot of ways to extend both your brand and your message, in full color, to the audience you want to reach.

Print ads can still be effective as well, along with direct mail services. In some cases, particularly consumer-facing restaurant and retail targets, it’s still one of the more effective ways to be seen. Frantz Group also assists with the production of audio and video creative assets, that can be extended in a variety of ad campaigns. In the interest of keeping your efforts integrated, aligning these creative concepts with your social marketing efforts is usually a very sound approach when you have an effective campaign running.

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