So, now you have spent even more dollars to improve your website marketing foundation, again.
You are paying Google big time to drive some traffic.
You have optimized for search engine.
You are bringing in syndicated content by the truck load.
You are writing original content and blogs 24/7 and posting it willy nilly.

And, now, you are finally seeing some inbound hand raisers coming in.
Your towering talent and heroic effort and money are starting to produce a return.
You are feeling much more self-actualized.

However, please don’t shoot the messenger…
But, it is not over…. It has only just begun.
How do we convert these hand raisers into qualified leads?

Who is following up on these hand raisers?
What kind of impression are they making?
What kind of value are they providing to the hand raiser?
What are the steps in the process they are following?
What is the timeframe for each step?
What is the script they are following?
What industry and product knowledge does this person possess to put your product value in proper perspective?
How does this person communicate clearly the status of the hand raiser opportunity to the rest of your organization?

I think this discussion so far has begun to underscore the main point of this post.

The effectiveness of who ever you have following up on these hand-raisers is going to determine whether or not all your complete investment to date is successful or not. Remember, the hand-raiser has decided your company is worth actually talking to. They feel they are taking a risk with their precious time. If the person they are talking to is not knowledgeable, or professional or the process is clumsy.. they will move on. They will make a judgement about your organization based on this initial conversation. If you have an entry level person doing this follow up. If it is not timely and high value, you have slowed your companies path to revenue.

Frantz Group offers education and ultimately certification in hand raiser follow-up and ongoing lead nurture services.
If you need help with this, we are here.

All My Best,