We are a business growth strategy company who is deeply skilled in leveraging AI.

We are a business growth strategy company who is deeply skilled in leveraging AI. Providing research to uncover your most critical constraints and opportunities in your competitive field. If you want to go from the promise of AI to pilot to profitable reality, rely on our hands-on expertise that’s tailored to companies like you. We meet you where you are and guide you through the AI journey to deliver real – and realistic – outcomes for you, ultimately measuring our success by an increase in our client’s bottom line and business valuation.


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Your company’s competitive advantage is the reason your customers buy from you instead of from your competitors. We offer a range of services spanning strategic positioning, competitive research and analysis, marketing planning and execution, supportive financial planning, and sales process optimization.

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Market Intelligence Research

Benchmark your business against your competitors

Market Intelligence Research

We work with our clients to identify their most powerful competitive advantage that competitors cannot easily replicate.
We provide insight to determine the following outcomes for their chosen solution and market.

Benchmark your business against your competitors

Business Growth Consulting

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Business Growth Strategy

At Frantz Group, we are business growth specialists focused on achieving strategic growth and monetizing the value of your business.
So you be the effective growth leader you want to be and can be.

We will show you how we can get started.

What our clients say about us:

We chose Frantz Group to help us sharpen our marketing messaging and bring a more emotional connection to our branding. The results of our new brand promise are driving increases sales opportunities for the company.

Joe Pleshek - CEO, Terso Solutions

The Frantz Team is doing an outstanding job with strategy & execution! We’re getting in at a high level with good companies. The dialogue and verbiage that we’re getting from these leads helps us so much more at a starting point than trying to dig for information on our own. I expected nothing less from the Frantz Group. I’m happy!

We received not only leads from Frantz Group, but planned out our action, sat down for a lesson learned session, readjusted the next phases of our marketing plan and are in the middle of campaign 3. This is a classic plan, execute, and adjust for a medium sized company not spending the world.
Martin Nehls, Pool4Tool

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