We are passionate about helping our complex solution clients achieve a distinctive competitive advantage, by orchestrating or executing the market research, strategy, and financial planning heavy lifting required, behind the scenes.

Frantz Group is a Business Growth Consulting firm specializing in Marketing, Branding, Sales, and Channel Optimization Solutions for B2B companies. 

How?  By aligning people, processes, and technology in ever-changing complex environments, reducing the noise, focusing on what matters – Increasing emotional resonance of content and messaging, alignment of cross channel objectives, reducing siloed thinking and approaches.

Deep technology and industry experience mean we aren’t learning your product and market at the same time.

Competitive Advantage Workshop

Stand out in the Sea of Sameness


Your company’s competitive advantage is the reason your customers buy from you instead of from your competitors. We offer a range of services spanning strategic positioning, competitive research and analysis, marketing planning and execution, supportive financial planning, and sales process optimization.

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Make an Emotional Connection

Make your brand mean something

Emotional Connectors

If your brand message makes your customers feel something it’s a big competitive advantage. Customers are emotionally connected with a brand when it aligns with their motivations, beliefs, interests, and aspirations. We use insights and a process to help you develop your “emotional connector”.

Inspire Emotional Connection

Digital Marketing

Be seen, get noticed & drive engagement

Holistic Digital Marketing

Today, prospects have most online marketing information at their fingertips; buyers are going to the web to start their research – are you making it easy for them to find you? Do you have the right content to create initial awareness and engagement?

Streamline Your Strategy

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What our clients say about us:

We chose Frantz Group to help us sharpen our marketing messaging and bring a more emotional connection to our branding. The results of our new brand promise are driving increases sales opportunities for the company.

Joe Pleshek - CEO, Terso Solutions

The Frantz Team is doing an outstanding job with strategy & execution! We’re getting in at a high level with good companies. The dialogue and verbiage that we’re getting from these leads helps us so much more at a starting point than trying to dig for information on our own. I expected nothing less from the Frantz Group. I’m happy!

Where the hell is Grafton, Wisconsin? And why does such great technology marketing expertise live there. I have been so impressed with Frantz Group’s ability to understand our issues, add to our strategy and then quickly and efficiently execute and deploy a very sophisticated campaign, that I used them again, and again, and again.
VP of Marketing, IT Services Firm
You’re doing a great job managing the best lead gen team I’ve ever worked with – with the best results of any lead gen team I’ve worked with. Last week we had a sales/marketing team meeting, and the compliments directed toward the lead gen team were fabulous. A quote from one of our newer sales reps “These are some of the best lead generation metrics I’ve ever seen.”
Sr. Marketing Manager, Benefits Processing Software Firm
We received not only leads from Frantz Group, but planned out our action, sat down for a lesson learned session, readjusted the next phases of our marketing plan and are in the middle of campaign 3. This is a classic plan, execute, and adjust for a medium sized company not spending the world.
Martin Nehls, Pool4Tool

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