The Frantz Group is a leading competitive advantage Market Research firm serving technology providers.

We have developed an unparalleled reputation for excellence in Research and Market Intelligence since 1993.

Our integration of robust Competitive Intelligence (CI) and Market Research (MR) initiatives help enable client executives to avoid surprise, improve reaction time to industry developments, identify threats, vulnerabilities, and opportunities, forecast, and anticipate future competitor actions, and out-maneuver the competition.  We can help companies to uncover their Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

We work with our clients to identify their most powerful competitive advantage that competitors cannot easily replicate.  We provide insight to determine the following outcomes for their chosen solution and market.

  1. Desirability: A product or service must be desirable, or the market will not create demand for it.
  2. Distinctiveness: Customers should be able to tell the company’s product offerings apart from those of other players in the market
  3. Defensibility: B2B market research companies must be able to deter or prevent competitors from replicating strategic advantages.

Market Research Services Offerings Include:

  • Competitor Benchmarking Research
  • Business Intelligence & Competitive Intelligence Services
  • Competitive Analysis Training
  • Knowledge Teams: Retainer Services
  • Market Entry / Market Sizing / Market Opportunity
  • ROI Analysis
  • Sales and Demand Forecasting (Market Potential)
  • Strategic Planning Research / Strategic Sourcing
  • Customer Interviews:
  • Email and Mobile Surveys:
  • Tele-Depth Interviews are popular since they are generally more convenient and cost efficient than face-to-face meetings.
  • Video and Skype Interviews
  • Telephone & Online surveys
  • Key Opinion Leader research
  • Decision Maker Interviews
  • C-Level interviews
  • Executive Roundtables
  • Co-Creation Sessions
  • Brand Development Workshops
  • White Paper development
  • Focus Groups

Focus Groups

We like Focus Groups.  They tend to encourage depth of thought, fresh thinking, and idea generation.

Uncovering insights into:

  • Purchasing Processes.
  • Motivation to buy
  • Drivers of brand loyalty
  • Unmet customer needs
  • Product Development
  • Marketing message testing
  • New Concept Testing
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Pricing & Willingness to Pay
  • Preferences, Likes and Dislikes
  • Packaging insights
  • Competitive Intelligence

We use a moderator to guide and stimulate the discussion. Our moderator raises a set questions from a “Discussion Guide” developed with the leadership team.

Secondary Research

Our Secondary research team derives information from published sources. These materials may include brochures, press releases, published reports, databases, advertising, government filings, news articles, photographs, books, blogs, social networks, journals, letters, and memos.

Typical service offerings include:

Our Credentials

  • Over 27 years’ experience and expertise in MI project work.
  • Our successful partnerships with Fortune 100 Tech firms.
  • Our founding principles originating from our beginnings as a competitive advantage research and lead generation consultancy.

How Can Your Business Use Market Research?

There are an almost limitless number of ways you can use market research to improve your business. Here are a few to get you thinking about your own situation:

  1. Discover who you really compete against in the marketplace (you will be surprised, I promise)
  2. Uncover your differentiators
  3. Find your competitive advantage
  4. Learn what services your clients appreciate most, and why
  5. See emerging opportunities in the marketplace
  6. Adjust your marketing messages to reflect what customers really want to hear
  7. Find out what your customers think about you
  8. Discover which weaknesses you need to fix right away
  9. Learn how well known your business is in the marketplace
  10. Explore why some customers chose to buy from another company, instead
  11. Find out how important price is to your buyers
  12. Discover whether there is demand for your new product or service
  13. Recognize emerging trends in the marketplace
  14. Demonstrate that you care about your customers – the act of doing research shows that you are interested in them and their opinions
  15. Find out if you are well positioned to enter a new market
  16. Determine what issues you should be writing and speaking about to engage your audience and build your visibility
  17. Learn how your customers find you
  18. Find out why your customers chose you over a competitor
  19. See if your customers are aware of all of your key products or services
  20. Find out what you are known for in the marketplace
  21. Benchmark your business against competitors in your industry