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Frantz Group is a business growth strategy and marketing execution company. We assist in client planning to grow both their top line revenue and overall business valuation.

Our employees, working arm in arm with our customers, unite the knowledge and discipline of brand building and business strategy…  with the art of value based creative expression and brand story telling..   To compel our client’s target audiences to engage and keep engaging.

  • Opportunities for work-life balance
  • Collaboration
  • “Open door” management
  • Employee/family events
  • Market-driven compensation
  • Additional rewards based on individual performance
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • 401k Employee Savings Plan
  • Paid vacation

  • Business casual environment including casual Fridays
  • Flexible schedule
  • Team environment

  • Promotion from within
  • Frantz Group will equip you with the resources to succeed in a career in marketing
  • Because we are a strategic business growth, marketing operations strategy and execution company company there is opportunity to grow your career in all functions of today’s marketing world

I enjoy coming to work every day to see my co-workers and enjoy the camaraderie that a small business provides. Everyone here is very supportive and friendly. Great people make all the difference! FG also allows me work from home at least once per week. It’s a great option to save on gas and commute times. Work from home is especially wonderful for days when I need lots of peace and quiet to finish a project, or if the weather outside is frightful!”


They understand the value of a work/life balance. Frantz Group has made it possible for me to achieve a healthy work/life balance through their work from home option.


The work environment is fun and makes coming to work enjoyable. The experience that I continue to gain at The Frantz Group benefits my career growth and goals I would like to achieve looking into the future.


A message from John Frantz

Margaret Atwood, author of 15 novels that are now successful streaming films, including The Handmaids Tail, Alias Grace and Cats Eye, has recently said “I look at reality through the lens of ‘a’  future.  I say ‘a’ future because there is not one inevitable future.  There are many possible futures.”

Margaret brings forth profoundly powerful words, and the Frantz Group embraces them.

We believe the future will be what we create it to be.   Yes, there are many possible futures… and in our culture, our commitment to building a great future for both our employees and our customers is fundamental.

We define ourselves as:

A business growth strategy company serving the technology industry.

Our purpose

Our employees, working arm in arm with our customers, unite the knowledge and discipline of brand building and business strategy…  with the art of value based creative expression and brand story telling..   To compel our client’s target audiences to engage and keep engaging.

What we do for a living, we think is fun.   😊

So, whether you are a Millennial or a Baby Boomer, fresh out of college, or 30 years into a tech marketing or sales career, if our purpose excites you…  we want to talk to you!!

Why should you be excited about The Frantz Group?   Here are a handful of reasons.

We serve a growth market where your skills can become highly valuable lifetime skills.

Tim Bajarin, who is recognized as one of the leading industry consultants, analysts and futurists, covering the field of personal computers and consumer technology recently wrote the article: 7 Reasons the Tech Sector Is Set for Explosive Growth

He cites the below industry trends as evidence of growth:

  • Wireless Innovation
  • Internet of Things
  • Smarter Cities, smarter cars
  • Data Centers
  • Security
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Healthcare

Read the entire article at:

Upward mobility

Today, more than ever before, our incremental career path progression goes from Entry positions to Partner Positions.  They are open to everyone with the aptitudes and passion to lead revenue streams.

Details provided during our interview process.


Each employee participates in our individualized development plan process.   Each have the opportunity to express their unique career direction preference and receive experience and educational road mapping by their manager/mentor to get there.   Lunch and Learn sessions give all employees the chance to interact with top leadership on critical services and processes.

Jobs that are purposeful

Each employee and the role they play is critical to Frantz Group’s growth and prosperity.   Every two weeks company “town meetings” are held to discuss company direction, progress and Home Runs hit by employees.

Work life balance/Flexible work options/ Employer of choice

Frantz Group is committed to the concept of work at home where ever possible, depending on task.

We work constantly to develop systems to keep the in office and at home employees up to date and connected to critical libraries of information.


Discussed individually based on role and contribution.

Market reputation

Frantz Group, now in its 24th year of existence enjoys a well earned quality reputation in Fortune 500 tech firms like IBM, Infor, SAP, JP Morgan Chase, Panasonic, and other innovative technology developers and consulting firms.

Final words from John.

I love who marketing strategy people are and what they get to do.

They help our customers see the VALUE of what they bring to the marketplace, find the words to clearly express it and then provide them the technology to leverage it.

They get to experience the thrill of coming in to a meeting with fresh, vibrant growth ideas for our customers, that they would potentially never come up with, without us.

They get to see, the emerging sparkle developing in the eyes of our customers, as a new future market position for them unfolds…  a new dream ..

For me, it’s a thrill ladies and gentlemen..  a genuine thrill.

Come find out for yourself.

John Frantz

As an objective, we are an equal opportunity employer who promotes from within and has a defined career path. Frantz Group offers long term career path advancement for entry level employees with promise in growth markets for us.

Our typical career path begins with a business development position, focused on technology lead generation. In this role employees engage with top business executive prospects to discuss how our client’s technology can move their business forward.

Once successful, our Inside Sales employees will begin compiling market research and gain exposure to the business growth strategy side of our business.

Successful researchers will have the opportunity to advance to our Account Executive position in which leadership, client interaction, and strategy planning become core job requirements.

Beyond our Account Executives, we offer top Executive and Director positions which are responsible for major Frantz Group revenue streams and significant business processes.

Interviewees who meet all requirements for the position will have a meeting with our founder and owner, John Frantz, as the final stage in the interview process.