Revenue Growth Solution: Drive Your Close Rate Up with Customer Value Business Case Selling

circle graphWant to increase win rates while increasing deal size and winning a customer for life? Who doesn’t! Selling based on a CVBCS can make this possible. CV is a measurement of lifetime business case value on both sides of a commercial relationship. CV measures both the value of the solution to the customer and the value of the customer to your business.

Teaching your team to leverage CV Selling is a step process which can be executed at your pace.

Field Management BreakdownSelling on feature/function or implied value will not work in today’s economic climate. Are your salespeople puzzled when the prospect asks for help building a business case? Are they challenged in differentiating your offerings? Are they challenged on how to close larger, wider deals, or move up in the organization?

CV selling is a proven way to address these sales issues.

Using value mapping, CV pinpoints opportunities where a prospect can streamline processes, grow revenue, mitigate risks, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce costs. CV Selling kickstarts the process of positioning you as a partner to the prospect’s future rather than just an opportunistic vendor.

Business Case GraphsThrough the process of executive interviews, sales workshops, and change management activities, the Frantz Group can equip your sales force with this critical selling technique.

The Frantz Group is capable and committed to your revenue growth success. Reach out for a one on one discussion of your unique circumstances via our contact us form.

Sell smarter, sell value.

VIDEO: Grow Your Close Rate Via Business Value Selling