Show Me The Money!

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Show Me The Money!! Do you remember in the Tom Cruise sports agent movie Jerry McGuire, where pro football player Cuba Gooding demands that Tom Show Me The Money?! Well, today Cheryl and I are sharing how driving revenue growth through powerful branding and specific value campaigning Shows You The Money. This short video is [...]

Business Value Selling, One Piece Of The Puzzle At A Time: Step One

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In our previous LinkedIn articles, we have shared the compelling revenue driving benefits and complete process of Business Value Selling. Going forward, our intent is to address each step for you, with the goal of educating our readers on what purpose each step has, how it is performed and how the puzzle pieces fit together. [...]

How are You Going to Prosper in a Declining Economy and a Frantic Competitive Environment? By Cheryl Farr and John Frantz

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High inflation, increased interest rates, supply chain disruptions, geopolitical instability, a cost-of-living crisis, falling consumer and business confidence — 2022 was tough, economically speaking. In fact, it’s been so tough that editors of the Collins English Dictionary chose “permacrisis” — meaning “an extended period of instability and insecurity” — as their word of the year. And global [...]

Frantz Group announces partnership with Mediafly to help customers achieve revenue growth via higher close rates and increased deal size

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Frantz Group is announcing today it is extending its Value Business Case Selling Consulting practice to include enterprise level software to support it.   We have chosen to partner with Mediafly. About Mediafly Mediafly is a revenue enablement software company, designed to deliver the most comprehensive revenue enablement platform available. It is used daily by top B2B [...]

Utilizing SharpSpring to power integrated marketing campaigns

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There are a lot of marketing tools available in-market today. One of the biggest challenges we see with clients is they struggle to combine disparate marketing tools so they can effectively see ROI and manage the results of integrated marketing programs. This leads to a lot of inconsistency in effort and results across marketing activities. [...]

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