You complete me

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We love helping our clients leverage value and brand to grow. Cheryl and I are wondering if you have ever seen the Tom Cruise movie, Jerry McGuire, where he turns to his frustrated girlfriend Dorothy, played by Renee Zellweger, and tells her he loves her and that she completes him? Well, that’s where Cheryl and [...]

Show Me The Money!

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Show Me The Money!! Do you remember in the Tom Cruise sports agent movie Jerry McGuire, where pro football player Cuba Gooding demands that Tom Show Me The Money?! Well, today Cheryl and I are sharing how driving revenue growth through powerful branding and specific value campaigning Shows You The Money. This short video is [...]

Frantz Group’s 30th anniversary celebration

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This week we are celebrating Frantz Group’s 30th anniversary by helping our clients climb their steps to reach their revenue growth goal. #growth Of course, we realize our 30 years of service is a fraction of the 2,300 years The Great Wall has stood. But "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”, and so, [...]

Grow Your Close Rate Via BVS Says Gartner

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ou may have noticed The Frantz Group is posting a series of articles on the topic of Business Value Based Selling. We are literally walking you through the puzzle pieces of how to perform the base process. We are on this topic because it is the most reliable way we know to improve the sales [...]

A Knockout Solution for Growth

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Recently I have noticed my customers and prospects seem to fall into one of two categories. Those that are out performing their competition, growing revenue and feeling pretty secure. And, those that see their revenue growth as flattening… or in risk of flattening due to market changes or escalating competitive forces they see on the horizon. [...]

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