Frantz Group announces partnership with Kinetic Cognition to help customers achieve revenue growth and bottom-line results via AI Strategy & Visioning, AI System Architecture & Design & AI Implementation Services.

Frantz Group is announcing today it is extending its Sales Enablement AI practice to include complete business function support.

We have chosen to partner with Kinetic Cognition, led by Bjorn Austraat.

Bjorn Austraat is an award-winning and industry recognized leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and innovation, with over two decades of extensive experience across high-tech, financial services, and telecommunications sectors.

With a robust track record of driving transformative changes, Bjorn has successfully led initiatives in global businesses ranging from $10M to $95B, applying a continuous improvement approach to set and achieve strategic enterprise goals.

Bjorn is the CEO and Founder of Kinetic Cognition, a practitioner-led alliance of AI transformation experts who assist clients throughout all phases of their AI journey: from the earliest strategic visioning exercises through platform and user experience design to full-stack implementation.

Previously, he served as Senior Vice President and Head of AI Acceleration at Truist, where Bjorn led the AI & Analytics Accelerator (A3) team, pioneering policies, platforms, and end-to-end model development to fuel innovation and accelerate scalable solution deployments across the enterprise. His leadership extended to driving forward Generative AI initiatives, involving advanced patterns including Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), summarization, and code generation.

Prior to Truist, Bjorn held significant AI leadership roles at Wells Fargo and IBM and provided consultancy services to top-tier firms including Apple, AT&T, Microsoft, and Ford. Bjorn is also a prolific and highly sought-after speaker, having delivered hundreds of executive and plenary presentations at major industry events. He holds an MBA from UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, an M.A. in Translation and Interpretation from the Monterey Institute of International Studies, and an M.A. in Conference Interpretation from the University of Vienna. His areas of expertise include applied predictive and generative AI, AI/ML platform strategy and acceleration, AI talent sourcing and retention, strategic innovation, change management, team building, and mentoring.

About Kinetic Cognition – Your Practitioner-Led AI Alliance

Kinetic Cognition offers full-service advisory, design, development, and implementation services for your AI Journey.

AI is here to stay – but cutting through the noise and hype to deliver bottom-line results has never been more challenging. The Kinetic Cognition team brings decades of real-world implementation experience to guide you through the twists and turns: accelerate measurable outcomes and get to your AI destination with clarity and peace of mind.

Strategic Clarity – Advisory and Ideation: Discover actionable, real-world insights into key AI success factors with unparalleled engagement flexibility.

Scalable Systems – Architecture & Design: Lay a solid foundation for a scalable, future-ready systems architecture that maximizes usability and reuse across diverse stakeholder populations.

Seamless Execution – Implementation & Build: When you are ready to make vision, strategy, and design come to life, our world-class implementation partners ensure a lossless translation of ideas into robust enterprise solutions

About The Frantz Group:

The Frantz Group is a 31-year-old business growth strategy firm helping bold, entrepreneurial leaders from startups to Fortune 500 including: IBM, Oracle, SAP, Siemens, and Broadcom, to pinpoint the strategy that will reshape tomorrow.

We partner with these leaders every step of the way, helping them innovate more sustainably and achieve lasting gains in performance.

Then, we help them stay competitive durably in the marketplace, make a positive difference in the business, and maximize their success.

If you are planning to leverage AI in your organization, we can help.

Whether you are just starting to craft your AI vision, are getting ready to design a specific roadmap or are implementing architecture and code patterns – we believe in a holistic approach that incorporates appropriate technology with the right governance, solution portfolio, communication and talent strategy for sustainable results.

To schedule an initial consultation, reach out to me directly or visit our website and leverage the contact us page.

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We look forward to it.

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