Branding Webinar: How does adding an emotional connection to your brand drive results in b2b marketing?

B2B Brand Alignment - Aligning your brand with what drives your customer across marketing and sales channels

When customers are emotionally connected with a brand it aligns with their motivations, beliefs, interests and aspirations, it makes them feel something they can relate to. An emotional connection can make the difference when a customer is deciding to buy.

This webinar was created on Thursday, December 12th, 2019. A direct link to the recording will be provided for anyone who registers.

Register to learn how to develop a better emotional connection with your target audience. See how the combination of business value, emotional connection, and your unique blend of products and services drives better results when you go to market.

The webinar is runs for about 35 minutes, with questions and answers at the end of the session.


Jac Coverdale

John Frantz

Webinar Agenda

  • What is an emotional connector?

  • How does it fit within brand strategy?

  • What are examples of Emotionally Connected Brands?

  • What is the process to develop one?

biotech emotional connector example - terso