Many of our SMB customers do not have a Chief Revenue Officer.

As a result, they compete with larger firms without the unified vision to the three key areas that control the growth of the company revenue: Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success/Service.

A Chief Revenue Officer responsibilities include:

  • Define the most suitable markets and market segments
  • Manage and coordinating all company’s activities that generate revenue
  • Supervise existing sales channels and partnerships, and adding new ones
  • Monitor the marketplace and analyze opportunities
  • Provide competitive analysis, strategies, and tactics
  • Stay well-connected with customers to ensure broad market needs are being incorporated into product development and enhancement cycles
  • Collaborate with finance, product management, marketing, pricing strategies and business models
  • Identify and resolve issues across the marketing, sales and account management functions
  • Work with other executive team members to execute corporate strategic plans by expanding into new customer segments and partnerships.
  • Work closely with leaders, managers, and other executives to ensure the organization achieves its goals in revenue generation throughout the year.

Requirements and skills

  • Proven work experience as a Chief Revenue Officer or similar role
  • Proven track record of growing revenue through new product development, marketing, branding and partnerships
  • Proven experience developing and executing business strategy
  • Ability to craft and execute a business strategy

Frantz Group Perspective:

Frantz Group has first-hand observed that the cost of a full time CRO is a barrier to many SMB leaders.

CROs are difficult to find and expensive to retain.

For this reason, many small and medium businesses simply try to get by with the owner, President, or General Manager covering these areas. The results often lead to overloaded important leaders and less than stellar results from under managed and underdeveloped teams.

As a result, SMBs consider and chose a fractional basis option, which Frantz Group provides.

Just like a CPA has many clients, a Chief Revenue Officer on a fractional basis works for multiple clients. By working with a handful of companies Frantz Group is able to greatly reduce the price to each client, while still bringing their personal expertise to bear.

When these areas run in harmony, the customer journey (sometimes referred to as a customer roadmap) is smooth and leads to higher customer retention, repeat business, increased profits, and encouraging growth.

Frantz Group, has a 29-year history of serving Fortune 500 to startups to ramp up revenue.

Our depth perspective translates into your competitive advantage.

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