At Frantz Group, we are business growth professionals focused on achieving strategic client growth and expanding the value of their business.

Strategic Business Growth

Most of the top business leaders we have talked with over the past 28 years, wake up every morning frustrated.
They feel the pressure to grow their business faster.
They know many people are counting on them.
To grow business valuation, employee incomes, benefits.

Yes, everybody is watching what they can do.

In the same moment, their minds are popping with growth ideas way faster than they can explore them.
Way faster than they have people to help think it through.

The whole time knowing they can lead better, grow faster than they are now.
Occasionally they think, we should probably invest in getting some research and strategy help.

They know Fortune 500 companies do.

This year these 500 corporations generated $13.8 trillion in revenue, or some two-thirds of the U.S. economy.

They paid the top ten management consulting firms $155 billion.

Do we think these companies are wasting their money? No.

However, even though this traditional solution, hiring management consultants from tier-one management firms works well, not everyone can afford it.

If $4,000 a day partner rates are unreachable by SMB organizations, they are operating at a disadvantage with the big firms.

Frantz Group exists to level the playing field.

We intentionally choose to target SMB organizations or divisions of larger firms and provide them with affordable Business Growth Strategy and Research practices that will help them define and implement an effective growth business strategy.

Market research is a vital practice for organizations looking to become top contenders in their market. 65% of companies that have increased buyer retention and/or launched a new product or service in the last year used market research to meet these goals.

The Frantz Group’s primary purpose is to provide you with resources, processes and skills to responsibly research new ideas and go after the best ones.

So you can be that effective growth leader you want to be and can be with confidence.

We will show you how we can get started.

Frantz Group took our key strategy issues head on and worked to help us form new powerful position options. They took the time to get to know our issues, our partners, our opportunities and our employees, and they were able to identify several alternatives that would help our company differentiate and drive greater lead volume in a very short period of time.”

– Bill Henry- VP Sales at GroupBasis

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