Strategic Business Growth

At Frantz Group, we are business growth consultants focused on achieving strategic growth and monetizing the value of your business.

We bring the strategy, marketing, sales, business management and deal participation experience to help you set achievable, aggressive growth plans, manage to the targets, buy low, sell high and monetize the long term value of your business.

Business Growth & Valuation Whitepaper Planning for the End Game

Read our whitepaper on business growth & valuation – Planning for the End Game

Without a Strategic Business Growth Plan and the resources to complement the team, many owners are faced with the tyranny of day-to-day execution, grinding out quarterly results, managing to razor thin margins and pushing every Q3 and Q4 to just make the numbers. The long term plan gets revisited a couple times per year and each year, little momentum is made toward optimizing all aspects of the business to grow significantly and strategically.

Frantz Group has a suite of services to help you lay in plans and co-execute to achieve those plans and maximize the strategic value of your business. We carry our focus on growth into every aspect of our spectrum of services. This philosophy drives success across a variety of engagements including Sales Process Consulting, Digital Marketing Optimization, and Technology Lead Generation programs. From start to finish, Frantz Group aligns our approach to drive growth and profitability for our clients.

Frantz Group took our key strategy issues head on and worked to help us form new powerful position options. They took the time to get to know our issues, our partners, our opportunities and our employees, and they were able to identify several alternatives that would help our company differentiate and drive greater lead volume in a very short period of time.”

– Bill Henry- VP Sales at GroupBasis

Where the hell is Grafton, Wisconsin? And why does such great technology marketing expertise live there. I have been so impressed with Frantz Group’s ability to understand our issues, add to our strategy and then quickly and efficiently execute and deploy a very sophisticated campaign, that I used them again, and again, and again.”

– VP of Marketing at an IT services firm