Frantz Group’s clients are providers of technology solutions who are passionate and determined to grow.  All of them exist in fiercely competitive settings with hundreds to thousands of rivals.  All of them are confronted with growing new entrants offering a similar solution in their target markets and or firms offering substitute products.

Many of these rival firms who are selling similar solutions have channel partners to whom they have distributed syndicated content.   As a result, for buyers, the search for a solution match and implementer finds them looking in a “Sea of Sameness”.   With over 500,000 software and IT services companies in the United States, estimated to reach over 1,000,000 companies by 2027, finding a way to stand out from the crowd is mission-critical.

The Frantz Group has been serving tech providers for 27 years.  We are uniquely qualified with product and industry domain experience, skills, and tools to help our clients find and leverage their competitive advantage and grow.

Your company’s competitive advantage is the reason your customers buy from you instead of from your competitors.

As the saying goes, “We have been there and done that!”.

We offer a range of services spanning strategic positioning, competitive research and analysis, marketing planning and execution, supportive financial planning, and sales process optimization.

How do we help our Clients?

Over the last decade, we have developed and delivered our Competitive Advantage Workshop.

Below is the Process Outline Performed with Our Client’s Leadership Team.

Workshop Ramp Up Steps

We begin with defining the product/solution and target market combination to focus on.

Discuss and document client initial financial circumstances and desired go forward objectives.

Define the competitive field by revenue size, geography, target market, etc.

Study the feature messaging currently being highlighted on our client’s website and on the websites within the competitive field.

Determine the value messaging currently being highlighted on our website and on the websites within the competitive field.

We research what hot topics the target market is talking about.

Determine what hot topics are being searched for, including content titles and companies authoring them.

Isolate and document the key “pain talk tracks” being leveraged.

Determine what competitive “offers” are currently being highlighted on our client’s website and on the websites within the competitive field.

Examine what industry messaging is present.

Examine what partnerships are being leveraged.

Establish our digital performance and website starting point.

Analysis Process

Review Market Intelligence Collected by Research.

Facilitate Leadership Group discussions to visualize our strengths, weaknesses and opportunities and threats.

Determine Ideal Client direction.

Build a strategy to execute it.

Messaging Plan

Form a messaging and content plan to support the strategy.

Determine the website alterations needed and timeline and resources to complete them.

Execute website alterations.

Build Digital and Outbound Campaigns to Get in Market.

Build Actions Plan to Execute Campaign (Including Data).

Monitor and Adapt Campaign to Achieve Success.

Manage Regular Refresh Every 6 Months.

Each Client’s circumstances are different, and customization of this process is normal.

Utilize Contact Us to reach us for further discussion.