Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Improving your B2B SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Are you making it easy for prospective buyers to find your organization? Is the right kind of traffic getting to your website? Is that traffic converting after it arrives?

For B2B marketers, our first goal is to help establish relationships with prospects.  Optimizing corporate websites for organic internet search (Search Engine Optimization) is a significant process and has become a science unto itself – particularly with the ever changing rules of the search engines themselves, but it’s a must-do for intelligent web design. Search engine updates like Panda and Penguin have dramatically altered the landscape of SEO, and required SEO firms to modernize their approach and employ more of a marketing centric approach to attract more traffic to the site. Going beyond the narrow focus of traffic acquisition, good SEO services help ensure that visitors have appropriate content to engage with and ideally, multiple calls to action to proceed from helps to ensure you’re establishing that relationship early in the buyers’ decision making process.

If you are doing outbound marketing, whether it be phone, email or direct mail based … odds are, your prospects are going to run google searches for the topics you market. Do you rank well beyond just your company name?

Product SEO vs Brand SEO

Strategies can differ for brand search optimization vs. product search optimization – which can often be more targeted around certain solutions, industries, or messages. Likewise, different strategies are required based on client brand recognition levels and the amount of overall competition for keywords. Local search, for companies working within a particular geographic area, has also become extremely important. Search engines are prioritizing rankings based on proximity to the person running the search. We have SEO programs designed to help boost your local search rank.

Frantz Group is well practiced at developing and maintaining effective search engine optimization programs, including market analysis, keyword selection and analysis, search-optimized content writing, submissions to social media, tracking, and results reporting. Our process begins with a site analysis, reviewing your existing site and ensuring the technical structure follows good SEO practices. From there, we review specific pages, ensuring that keywords are used appropriately in a way that helps improve your organic rankings. Once the internal house is in order, there are a number of off-site SEO tactics including blogging, micro-blogging, social media, social bookmarking, and standardizing link practices among partners and affiliates that we can assist with.

SEO for B2B Channels

If you’re part of a B2B technology channel, there are specialized challenges to overcome when it comes to SEO. To begin with, the owners of large channel organizations tend to take up a large portion of the first page of results all on their own. Rather than relying on channel owners to simply provide referrals out to their partners, strong partner organizations work to explore strong niches and relevant positions within channel related SEO results. This enables taking ownership of your own visibility, reach and engagement, enabling your channel organization to drive better business results from outbound lead generation programs.

Our Approach to Search Engine Visibility

SEO is considered a core offering within our Marketing Foundation services. It lays the foundation for driving traffic to your website, traffic that is analyzed for interactions and behaviors, seeking continual improvement to interactions and conversions to customer relationships. This becomes the entry point to behavioral marketing. Not sure if an SEO campaign is right for your organization? Read more about our inbound marketing offerings, which can give you a holistic view of how best to approach your inbound strategy.