Industry Marketing Experience

Frantz Group utilizes its prior industry marketing experiences on a daily basis because we understand the value of industry appropriate messaging to driving buyer behaviors. In our over 20 years of experience, we’ve helped clients refine their approaches to each vertical they currently target, as well as successfully expand to new markets. Similar buyer personas may be targeted across multiple verticals in your campaigns, but make no mistake, their concerns, key issues, pains, and vernacular will frequently change within each industry. To run effective technology lead generation programs, your messaging and offers need to be well-crafted for both the vertical and the persona to drive real results.

While many technology solutions are certainly appropriate for a cross industry marketing approach, your messaging frequently needs to be adapted so both technical and business organization members are comfortable with proposed solutions. While a cross-industry approach to messaging can certainly establish credibility with a technical buyer, utilizing industry appropriate messaging through your nurture process helps to ensure they see specific value and are able to communicate success factors to decision makers from within the business organization.

Want to develop a better strategy to attack your target verticals? Check out our Marketing Growth Initiative for details on messaging, strategy, and campaign planning.

Some industries that we have long experience marketing to are below, we are happy to provide some insights we’ve learned along the way while targeting prospects and developing content in these verticals:

Our integrated marketing approach involves creating a messaging matrix based on your optimal marketing foundation, leveraging your key content, optimal search rankings, and keyword strategy.  The messaging matrix includes core themes and messages for the target industries, key contact roles, and pain track messaging positioned against competitive solutions. By leveraging our intimate knowledge of your target industries, Frantz Group is able to deliver the right message, at the right time, to the right targets, ensuring that relationships are properly established and nurtured into the buying cycle.

Our vast industry experiences also blend well with our premium content development services, as our professionals are able to craft messages and creative themes with proper terms and insights for your desired target industry. We excel at leveraging our knowledge and experience on your behalf.