Marketing Strategy and Planning

Marketing Operations Strategy & Planning

Frantz Group sees, understands, and has evolved with the change in business-to-business marketing in the technology space. Our point of view is that B2B marketing has always been complex and competitive, but today it is even more so. And, now it needs to be managed by leaner marketing organizations than in the past. Your marketing operations strategy is an essential ingredient to your future success.

Below are some truths about today’s marketing environment:

  • Most B2B marketers are in “a crowded and noisy room”
  • More marketing communication traffic fights for limited attention
  • An increase in poor value proposition traffic causes prospects to build-up defenses
  • Prospects don’t care about your product, only how it solves their problems
  • More paranoia = slower decisions + lowered budgets = longer sell cycles
  • More pressure on executives / more pressure on everyone
  • More confusion due to overall high volume of strategy change

In response, FG feels the need to dig more deeply into our clients’ marketing machinery. Our goal: unearth new areas of opportunity while uncovering those that could be better addressed, allowing us to recommend what is needed to affordably meet lead and revenue goals for our clients – today and tomorrow.   Our Right Offer Workshop helps clients with an objective review of how their current execution aligns with their revenue goal. Our process helps establish proper value based messaging and offers, a full marketing calendar and execution plan, desired outcomes, as well as tracking methodologies and dashboards. We examine both your inbound and outbound marketing efforts, and include a full inbound marketing assessment as a part of this program.

Included in the recommendations are suggestions on how to better align your messaging between inbound and outbound campaigns to achieve maximum results. We also look to help blend suggested inbound messaging and SEO efforts to boost productivity on your outbound and nurture campaigns. Whether you’re using an internal business development team, outsourced telemarking firm, outsourced agency, or on staff inbound marketing guru, we have long experience in seeing the forest for the trees when it comes to marketing operations strategy, and can provide excellent guidance for how to best utilize your available resources and partners to achieve optimal outcomes.

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Frantz Group has helped me with a wide range of marketing, branding, digital and sales strategy projects.    With their help we are driving substantially more traffic to our web site.  John Frantz is the most accountable person I have ever worked with.

Karen Christianson - CEO, VCPI