To help our clients improve their conversion to win ratios, greatly improving the reliability and growth of your revenue stream, we have developed a B2B Sales Engine Optimization Workshop.

B2B Sales Engine WorkshopToday, to a greater degree than in the last half dozen years, technology leveraged firms see real opportunity to grow. The problem encountered by many organizations is the sales organization has not been fully prepared to deliver on this potential growth. In the 40 years John Frantz has promoted and sold technology for organizations like IBM, SAP, Infor, Oracle and others, he has seen client revenue flounder when the sales force is not correctly aligned with marketing messaging and not armed with a well matched sales process for their environment.

The truth is, you can provide sales with leads infinitum, without clear opportunity hand-off and go forward sales steps performed on time and in sequence, revenue growth typically stalls and sometimes fails to meet minimum goals necessary. This is particularly true if the deals you are chasing are complex and involve committee decision making. To successfully close large and complex deals, it’s essential for sales teams to have a more structured approach and focus on the right steps to bring deals to closure.

How our B2B sales workshop drives near-term revenue results

In 90 days or less, Frantz Group will engage with your sales leadership to assess your current performance and processes, recommend a specific sales process, provide your sales team with Sales Process Training materials, apply the sales process to your specific situation, coach your sales reps in a one on one setting and help drive sales pipeline meetings that reinforce the concepts learned and create a more reliable revenue forecasting system.

Deliverables from this B2B Sales Workshop include:

  • Revenue Pipeline Dashboard Diagnosis – Using conversion ratio analysis to determine your marketing/sales failure point/s.
  • Key Opportunity Audit – An analysis of your must win opportunities. Am I doing the Right things to win?
  • Current Sales Process Review – Identification of missing sales steps in your process, mapping your current sales rep skills and process to the ideal.
  • Sales Process Selection – Get an answer to what sales process best matches your business and why.
  • Initial Sales Process Training – Course development and delivery of your ideal sales process.
  • Ongoing Sales Process One on One Training – Reinforcement of sales process concepts in real life.
  • Ongoing Sales Meeting Management – Reinforce the use of the sales process in opportunity reviews.

Beyond the 90 day workshop period, ongoing coaching for both sales management and sales reps is available. Are you on-boarding new team members? Ask us about how we can extend our approach to your sales on-boarding process, helping ensure that your newest reps are following the right process from the get-go allowing for peak sales performance from your team.