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Frantz Group is a strategic partner who helps growth minded technology organizations stand out, unlock, and capture their market potential.

If you want to stand out you’re going to have to stand up.

Improving marketing growth: If you want to stand out, you're going to have to stand up.For the technology or technology leveraged consulting firm, when you work with us, we take on the revenue growth objective of your organization with you, not watch from the sidelines.

No matter what we are doing.. strategy, messaging, digital, outbound integrated telemarketing, inbound marketing, inside sales, product launch, data enhancement, channel marketing solutions, we bring all our 25 years of experience, skills, best of breed practices to bear for your benefit.

Hear it from our customers…

The Frantz Team is doing an outstanding job with strategy & execution! We’re getting in at a high level with good companies. The dialogue and verbiage that we’re getting from these leads helps us so much more at a starting point than trying to dig for information on our own. I expected nothing less from the Frantz Group. I’m happy!

– CEO, 3D Simulation Software Firm


I have worked with The Frantz Group for almost 13 years and the team never fails to deliver on time with outstanding results.”

– Senior Industry manager at Fortune 50 tech firm

You’re doing a great job managing the best lead gen team I’ve ever worked with – with the best results of any lead gen team I’ve worked with. Last week we had a sales/marketing team meeting, and the compliments directed toward the lead gen team were fabulous. A quote from one of our newer sales reps “These are some of the best lead generation metrics I’ve ever seen.”

– Sr. Marketing Manager, Benefits Processing Software Firm

Ultimately, everything comes down to leads. Frantz Groups people can talk credibly about industry pains and solutions. They talk the talk – and this allows them to generated highly qualified opportunities that will be well received by the sales force.”

– VP of Marketing at a large ERP firm

Frantz Group took our key strategy issues head on and worked to help us form new powerful position options. They took the time to get to know our issues, our partners, our opportunities and our employees, and they were able to identify several alternatives that would help our company differentiate and drive greater lead volume in a very short period of time.”

– Bill Henry- VP Sales at GroupBasis

We received not only leads from Frantz Group, but planned out our action, sat down for a lesson learned session, readjusted the next phases of our marketing plan and are in the middle of campaign 3. This is a classic plan, execute, and adjust for a medium sized company not spending the world.”

– Martin Nehls- US Operations Executive, Pool4Tool

Where the hell is Grafton, Wisconsin? And why does such great technology marketing expertise live there. I have been so impressed with Frantz Group’s ability to understand our issues, add to our strategy and then quickly and efficiently execute and deploy a very sophisticated campaign, that I used them again, and again, and again.”

– VP of Marketing at an IT services firm

What I value about Frantz Group is their knowledge of our technology and our target industries. It allows us to go to market quickly and confidently with integrated marketing programs that produce the results we need. Their high energy and responsiveness make me confident that we will achieve our marketing and revenue goals.

Mimi Miles, Vice President, Marketing – Trubiquity

The lead qualification and documentation that Frantz Group provides is very beneficial to me a sales person – because I get a complete background of what the initial discussion entailed, thorough information about what the customer is hoping to accomplish and why, so that I can tailor my follow-up discussion more effectively and help the prospect zero in on a solution that much faster.

John Giacomazza, Sr. Manager, Market Development – DELMIA Corp.

Below are samples of how we gain power and offer you value through our continued focus:

  • Emphasis on marketing for technology companies – May include: enterprise software solutions, infrastructure and services/consulting. We have run thousands of campaigns into a variety of technology solutions and services; this allows for minimal learning curves that result in an accelerated path to revenue. Regardless if you offer large complex solutions with a large price tag, or low cost commoditized solutions, we can help.
  • Application of industry experiences – We understand every industry comes with dynamic characteristics – trends, regulations, needs, buying processes, and more. FG has been, and continues to, expand our industry knowledge – enabling stronger, more relevant messaging.
  • Skills of our people – From top down and bottom up, our people are the center of our business and what sets us apart from our competition. Whether it’s consulting, planning, or executing, we focus on continued education, quality and ongoing coaching for the pure purpose to elevate your results.
  • Focus on Our values – Frantz Group values long term relationships and works hard to deliver what it promised. If a campaign isn’t going as expected, we consult with you and take corrective actions. Regardless the situation, when we go to market for your company, we take it seriously and we fight hard for you.
  • Attention to our Clients – What matters most is what our clients say about us. The comments above are from different clients on why technology companies, big and small, choose Frantz Group for their business and marketing strategy and ongoing execution.