What is working?

The billion-dollar question revenue growth stakeholders never stop asking is “What is working?”

How do we get more quality, closable leads in the hands of our sales force?

While it sounds easy to get customers excited about your product, it’s actually a tough process. In fact, 61% of marketers say generating high-quality leads is their biggest challenge, according to lead generation marketing trends.

Part of the challenge stems from an evolved buying process. In the digital age, customers can use Google to research products, read reviews, and conduct price comparisons from a laptop or phone. Customers have the power.

Many companies are realizing that developing the right lead generation strategy is a complex, time-consuming process. You must understand your customer base, find like-minded customers on a channel they prefer, educate them about your product, and encourage action. This process can be complex and difficult, which is why many companies opt to outsource their lead generation program to one of many companies specifically set up for this purpose.

Who possesses the marketing crystal ball with the Lead Generation answer?

There is an old saying: “If you don’t know how to get there ask someone who has been there.” that can be applied to the answer.

In the past 29 years Frantz Group has successfully performed lead generation planning and execution services for the following often global, large or Fortune 500, mostly tech firms. They include:

IBM, Lenovo, Broadcom, SAP, Infor, Epicor, Siemens, Dassault Systems, JP Morgan, Oracle, ABB Robotics, Microsoft, NTT Data, Mede Data, SunPower, Honeywell, Sirius Computer, Avnet, Promega, Panasonic, Manpower, Kelly Services, Honeywell, Red Prairie, Dominos Channel Systems, Wyndham, AstraZeneca, Manhattan, E2Open, JDA, NCR, Cognizant, Cisco, Tata.

We have also served 48 companies in the SMB space including startups.

In the process of executing Lead Generation, we do everything digital while recognizing success comes from the integration of all inbound and outbound tactics woven together.

And we never ignore the fact that human to human marketing is ultimately required to get a sales qualified lead for something sophisticated in scope or requiring a substantial budget or dependent on a committee decision.

children with tin can telephone

We all know that recent times have seen the massive adoption of B2B technologies to communicate with prospects and customers.

But, we don’t want to make the mistake that many businesses have made trying to blur the lines between automation and personal service. They may even try to fool website visitors and customers into believing they are talking to a live person when, in fact, it’s a bot.

Our view is this type of behavior only alienates your audience and insults their intelligence. People are smart enough to know the difference between a chatbot and a live person, or an automated email and a personal reply.

Our approach gives special attention to clients. More than meeting their needs, the main purpose of this kind of marketing is to ensure that the relationship has a face, an owner, and a voice that captures the brand’s essence and brings it close enough to be reliable.

We think people appreciate personal attention. They want to be recognized as individuals with specific needs and preferences. At the same time, they don’t want to give up the convenience of automation and the latest technology.

We offer our customers the best of both worlds.

We blend personalization with automation, a modified version of the status quo.

A human-centered approach to marketing.

In our model, relationships between companies and customers develop based on long-term trust.

An example of offering a seamless blend of automation and personalized service is having a chatbot, live chat and live phone on your website. Live phone agents that are trained to talk with customers and website visitors in a friendly, helpful, and intelligent way.

The same live phone agents that reinforce outbound marketing campaigns to prospects and customers, who become valuable information sources and emotionally connected to humans searching for answers.

Let’s not forget that the only reason why androids could never replace humans is that they don’t build relationships.

People interact with people; people engage with people; people are important to people. People are people!

Deploying this tactic is much simpler than it seems — it just requires a human to connect with another human.

Are your current lead generations meeting your goals and potential?

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