Website Design, Refresh, Optimization

Frantz Group supports our clients with superior website design offerings that span the full lifecycle of a website. Our capabilities include:

  • Existing Website Refresh
  • New Site Concepting & Wireframing
  • SEO Optimization
  • UX & Architecture Improvements
  • Site Build & Deployment
  • Ongoing Services & Content Development
Website Design Services, CMS Conversion, Site Refresh, Site Optimization

Website design services from Frantz Group allow your organization to benefit from 27 years of marketing experience. When clients look to modernize their design and improve the performance of their site, we provide an approach that develops the right design aesthetic for their brand and target market, while providing a stronger message and value proposition to help drive conversions.  Our architectural approach improves SEO and provides better visibility for your solutions and improved awareness for your brand.

We have found that as clients evolve their business and related offerings, the website rarely gets the proper attention it needs to properly promote newer solution offerings in an effective way.  Our consultants can design a project approach that emphasizes an agile launch with continuous refinement to enable your sales and marketing staff to leverage content more quickly and drive faster returns as the site evolves.

Some examples of our work include the sites shown below. If you’d like to learn more about our approach, please contact us.

Full site redesign and optimization
Site redesign, simplification to improve SEO and UX

Full site redesign included special emphasis on creating a better Emotional Connection with prospects and improving SEO visibility.

Redesign and consolidation for a site with over 200 pages down to 46 at the point of conversion to improve clarity for SEO rankings and allow customers to more easily access relevant topics.

Replacement for a simple HTML site with a robust wordpress CMS installation. Redesign included a major new product launch to compliment a longstanding successful product.