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Client: Terso

Situation: Terso provides radio-frequency ID technology for inventory control to hospitals, research labs and medical device companies. Each of these struggle with knowing exactly what inventory they have at any given time due to traditional paper accounting of inventory. Their pain points include: Expensive product going missing or expired. Having too much of something and not enough of others. Spending a lot of time manually tracking products in what is a very unreliable process. Lack of inventory visibility leading to increased costs due to high amount of inventory. Terso provides a way to have real-time inventory at a glance and a controlled, non-disruptive process to convert to RFID technology.

Part of our strategy was to elevate the person in charge of inventory. That, and emphasize the control you get with knowing now.

Connector: Know now

Magician of Material Management
Director of Inventory Control
Heart valve tracking - control inventory before expiration
Hero of Real-time Inventory
Operating Room Inventory Tracking
RFID Inventory - avoid waste, expiration, and product recalls