IT Services Marketing – creating a better connection with your target market

Client: vcpi

Situation: vcpi provides streaming internet and digital services for assisted living clients – usually collections of multiple residences. Most of them have some form of IT, but often it is broken, insufficient or cobbled together. They face competitive pressures and struggle to keep up in a fast-changing industry. Also, resident care is paramount and they know they need a strong IT infrastructure in order to add new software to improve care and business practices. However, they are also squeezed for profits and always looking for cost efficiencies. Thus, they are fearful and resistant to invest in IT. Our challenge was to get them to see it not just as a cost, but as an investment in the future, and vcpi as the partner they can trust to get them there.

Our approach was to leverage the silver tsunami to create a sense of urgency to overcome inertia while highlighting the need for an IT solution that can work now and scale going forward.

Connector: Look forward to growth.

IT Services Marketing - Connecting with your target audience