Client: MettaONE

Situation: MettaONE was a new brand launch. They offer technology services to assisted living residences. Management in this category is generally slow to change, not tech-savvy and worried about disruption caused by converting from traditional paper management to digital. They are also faced with a shortage of on-staff caregivers and fear resistance from them. Yet, they also know there is a critical need to update in this fast-growing, competitive market. Big emotional motivators included the quality of resident care and experience, competitive pressures, fear of change and caregiver satisfaction.

We helped position MettaONE’s unique offering as a way to resolve all these problems with a single solution: MettaONE.

Connector: ONE solution – for residences, for caregivers, for management

MettaONE - for residents, caregivers, providers
Senior Living Technology Platform