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Frantz Group began working with an SMB software company in Texas in very late 2017. The focus of the initial approach was our Marketing Growth Initiative, designed to improve the solution value proposition for our clients and improve their go to market strategy and approach.  With the initial work completed in January of 2018, we took on two additional initiatives:

  • A second MGI to support a different brand and solution set
  • A digital marketing enablement program that was designed to improve the focus and performance of the existing marketing team through coaching and tools designed to create efficiency and consistency in execution and drive improved lead results.
  • At the end of the second MGI, the digital marketing program was expanded to include all 3 brands of the organization, with an emphasis on driving better results from an energetic team of young marketers.

For this story, we’ve broken out some of the specifics into distinct topics that can be accessed below. The core results of the overall program have been highly successful and continue to improve in 2019. Now averaging 7 legitimate web leads per month and 27 product demonstrations given in the first quarter of 2019, our client has seen over 150% improvement in results from their marketing activity. These results come from a more cohesive strategy for integrating efforts across marketing channels, including email, social media, key account marketing, SEO, tradeshows, and local events.

With our beginning emphasis on a storage analysis and optimization solution that is the IP of our client, the initial approach was focused to product marketing. The second MGI was focused on a managed services offering for iSeries customers from their main IT infrastructure and services website. In August of 2018 Our client launched a 3rd brand to help differentiate a series of next generation technologies, discovery workshops, and application design services from traditionally resold products and related services.  With a large amount of ground to cover and only two internal resources dedicated to the marketing function, our client was struggling to produce results in spite of a heavy amount of work across the brands.

The program we executed involved weekly coaching sessions that set the strategy and tasks for each week. Our client focused on creating core content based on input from internal SMEs, while our team gave guidance on how and where to activate each content piece, ensuring new content asset would provide a strong SEO position or reinforcement for existing positions. At the same time, content was reviewed and optimized regularly to ensure that engagement levels were in place to drive the desired results. With a display and remarketing ad campaign in place to draw new visitors based on interest, and provide engagement points for prior visitors to the site, all core metrics showed steady improvement.

For all of our clients: Starting with our MGI approach, we develop a custom-fit campaign process blueprint that enables our customers to be more efficient and effective as they go to market. Marketing doesn’t have a lot of shortcuts that actually drive real results. The Frantz Group approach provides a disciplined process that creates efficiency with effort while at the same time, driving improved results from selected channels.  Improved SEO, email targeting, and deliverability all drive improved solution visibility and awareness. Value centric messaging combined with robust supporting stories and proof points help earn trust with your prospects and drive engagement with them.

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