Intermec by Honeywell, a supply chain inventory tracking company, recently asked us for help developing marketing training for their channel management teams, the answer was, of course, yes, we’d love to help with that! We do that every day! It was a project we were excited to take on, to share what we do every day with others. Then we started to dig into the details. Where to start? What to cover? How deep into the details of marketing? How much do they really want to know about marketing? What do they already know? And how much time again do we have to get all of this delivered to them?

Our audience was Channel Business Managers in both North America and Latin America; they knew sales really well and marketing to many varied degrees. The purpose of the training series was to help them determine what they should focus on first, marketing-wise, when working with their channel. We decided the best way to put together a training series that covered what they wanted was simply to ask them. A group of the Channel Business Managers volunteered their time to be interviewed by the Frantz Group Team about the main topics and ways they’d like to receive the training. This included the format of the training and across what timeframe. From those valuable interviews our team created and delivered a marketing training series that received very positive feedback. It has since led to the development of a similar marketing training series for the channel as well as discussion around additional series.

marketing training for channel managers

Marketing Training for Channel Managers

Frantz Group puts a solid focus on helping companies both build their channel as well as improve results from their channel partners. Partner recruitment, partner assessment and recommendation and lead generation for partners are just a few of the areas we help improve channel growth and success.