Business Strategy PlanningEvery year top business leaders feel the annual planning cycle approaching in their gut before it happens.

They have the same feeling they had earlier in their lives before a big game in high school athletics or a big concert if they were into music…. The feeling is the stomach churning awareness of the potential for greatness in the moment.

Each senses the coming year is another finite opportunity to advance … to have a breakout year, to take their business to the next level.

Each year they search the horizon for new opportunity for real strategic growth.

Each knows approaching the plan by simply adding another X% to the top line is a waste of life, an ineffective approach to strategic growth.

For most organizations, the path to real, strategic growth begins with a healthy look in the mirror alongside a healthy look at the customer value your top competitors say they deliver… and what they don’t.

Innovation in product or service value offered is very often where strategic growth is found, immediately followed by the very visible launch of the innovation in to the market place.

The challenge of true growth planning is that it requires passionate and concentrated minds with the correct skills and time to step back and consider the options, then research the feasibility and financial implications of the opportunities… and make some hard choices.

This process is enhanced by the experience and insight of an outside perspective with no internal agenda at risk or one to be gained.

Without an active, disciplined process involving an objective viewpoint, growth planning tends to dissolve into a pool of frustration… and people literally succumb to simply adding X% to revenue and concluding they will simply work harder. (Really? We are not all red lining the way it is?)

Perhaps they conclude that their current pipeline is adequate to achieve the growth they seek and they conclude nothing really special is needed. Which only makes sense to firms who have never seen a pipeline evaporate before their very eyes.

Frantz Group has studied the strategic growth planning challenge and created a framework to simplify and optimize the process. We lead and collaborate with our clients to help them clarify the value they bring to the market and articulate it in a way that illustrates clear, competitive differentiation and gets them found digitally.

The initial process begins with what we call a “Right Offer Workshop”. This is where we immerse ourselves in the value you currently bring to your customers and compare it to what you say on your website. Virtually every client we have ever worked with has failed to fully leverage what they actually provide or could offer in the future in a way that prospects can easily understand and find on line.

This is where we study your competitor messaging and get a sense of what the experience is like for a prospect seeking the product or service you provide. The combination of these two activities gives us much of what we need to form a unique and powerful position for you in the marketplace… which can as much as double your lead stream in the same time frame.

Let our Right Offer Workshop help define your true opportunity and drive strategic growth!

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