In the arsenal of ‘components’ to consider as possible add-ons to integrated marketing campaigns, click to chat (C2C) is gaining attention as a very smart choice.

First, click-to-chat engages prospects while they’re on-site, offering them timely help that is appreciated, and beginning new customer relationships on a positive note. Of importance to the ‘selling side’ of this new relationship is that click-to-chat captures prospects’ attention while they are actively interested and engaged, ensuring maximal lead generation value from the encounter.

Second, click-to-chat can gather contact information, so that if a prospect requires additional information or further nurturing, this can easily be accomplished.

And, third, since click-to-chat involves contact with individuals who are actively visiting your website, it can save lead generation and nurture time. This benefit can also pose a danger, however: since click-to-chat contacts are potentially so valuable, poor handling is that much more wasteful. Each conversation must be handled skillfully and according to best practices, in order to capture leads and to nurture them properly, while ensuring a positive experience for the customer. This is not something to ‘try at home,’ it’s a technique best left to those who do it well.

All of this stage-setting is leading up to a recent winning click-to-chat experience here at FG, a story that needs telling:

Frantz Group just finished a campaign for one of our clients – a business software consultancy. This client does a lot of integrated marketing, including social marketing, and this particular campaign added click-to-chat (C2C) to its other FG integrated components.

During their work on the campaign, FG professionals monitored our client’s C2C while doing other outbound calling. On average, 2 to 4 C2C chats were handled daily, resulting in 15 leads in the first three months of the campaign. A normal sell-cycle was expected to be 6 to 12 months, with an average sale amounting to about $200K, so the resulting pipe would be $3M. The great news? We just learned that one of those fifteen C2C leads has already closed – in just 3 months… for $500K.

So, the case for click-to-chat can be a very good one, especially as an add-on to a broader integrated marketing campaign involving compatible elements. At FG, we’re looking forward to hearing how those other 14 leads work out, as we’ll be starting another similar campaign for this client very soon.