Recently I have noticed my customers and prospects seem to fall into one of two categories.

Those that are out performing their competition, growing revenue and feeling pretty secure.

And, those that see their revenue growth as flattening… or in risk of flattening due to market changes or escalating competitive forces they see on the horizon.

The second group tends to have a growing awareness of their need to become more visible, more vibrant, more relevant, fairly quickly.

To serve our client’s near-term need for an elevated market position that will ensure they stand out from the competitive crowd, Frantz Group has chosen to partner with one of its most capable and enduring partnerships, with Signal Brand Innovation.

We have come together and built a combined value campaign and branding process that is a more effective and efficient way to show your prospects what value your solution brings in financial terms from a trusted provider that can be counted on to deliver results.

We are excited to discuss the disruptive impact and exponential value that uniting value-based marketing and brand asset building to B2B businesses today.

To share this new process with you, we have recorded a 20 minute webinar titled: A Knockout Solution for Growth: The Value Based Campaign & Branding One-Two Punch.

Please take a look and reach out to us to discuss how this powerful new process can be applied in your business.  Feel free to utilize our Contact Us form on our website.

Best Regards,

John Frantz