It’s been my experience that summer is the toughest time of year to be a software VAR. Family wants a break… maybe you do too! Your sales cycles that close Q3 and Q4 are just heating up, and you’re right in the middle of new active projects. Maybe some of those active projects require more of your attention than you’d like.

There’s one more thing to not lose track of – building pipeline for Q1 and Q2. Here’s 3 quick tips on ideas I’ve seen work within software channels to build momentum for next year without taking your eye off the “current year ball”:

  1. Market your Solution to Next Year’s Challenges Now – what’s on the mind of decision makers in your targeted verticals for next year? Things move year to year, sometimes dramatically. So, if you’re not sure, now is the time to ask a few executives at your best customers what is going on. Pay attention to end of year speaking topics at trade shows – they provide hints. Last, but not least, get on the phone with a few analysts to see what is coming. Get out to market solving those problems, and you’ll build demand in enough time to close work for Q1 and Q2. Wait until January, and you’ll be behind the curve and have a soft Q1. Ever wonder why we have the Q4 hockey stick in software?
  2. Press once more on Customer Referral – Networking is the most obvious answer oft ignored at this time of year. Mid-project or completing early year work, you’ve got a set of people who could be a source of referral, even if contractually you can’t advertise their name. There are simple ways to approach as a CEO. Get out there and build the referrals for next year or use this network of customers to get answers to suggest #1.
  3. Promote your successes – Nothing like success to breed interest and lead to budgeted projects next year. In case you’ve gotten too busy or didn’t systematically trumpet your successes, now is the time to get back on that stick and create some leverage for next year. If your future customers aren’t hearing about your successes they won’t dream… maybe at all but certainly not about you! So, online, offline, and in the public get busy trumpeting your own horn.

If you’re resource constrained or you’re not sure how to unlock the funds to get there, give us a ring. We can help with both problems.

Let’s get work… Let’s close this year strong by not just hitting bookings targets, but also building toward a solid growth curve for Q1 and Q2 next year.