Creative and Relentless Account Based Lead Generation Efforts Contribute $658K of Revenue, and 70% of Ongoing Sales Pipeline

Nearly two years ago, Frantz Group started a relationship with a provider of benefit account processing platforms. Frantz Group provides inbound responder follow-up and targeted outbound lead generation services to this client. We act as a closely knit extension to their marketing team, and handle the majority of their inbound telephone traffic as well as account based marketing campaigns (ABM).

During the past year, the company has focused on product improvements and market innovation. As a result, they have seen exponential growth and an increasing demand for their solutions.

One of Frantz Group’s leads recently closed for $658,000 after a short sales cycle of 2.5 months! This prompted one of the client’s top software sales reps to send praises of the lead generation team to their CRO and CEO. He said,“Things are really buzzing right now, and I think a lot of it is due to Marketing’s efforts.  I’m specifically talking about their lead generation efforts.  Without a doubt, the majority of my current prospects are a direct result of their creative and relentless drive.” In fact, Frantz Group contributed over 70% of this rep’s current pipeline.

In a recent companywide memo, our client’s CEO recognized the marketing team for being exceptionally supportive in bringing their new vision to life. To quote the CEO, “There is likely not an employee or client that the Marketing team has not supported or influenced.  I wanted to take a second to say thank you for making us all look good.  We are lucky to have them on our team.”

We are honored to be a part of their world class marketing team! Through our lead generation expertise, we will continually strive to help them achieve even greater outcomes.