The digital revolution is hitting its stride.  Digital strategy is now becoming the prominent game changer in the marketing world, but are you ready to adapt?   An Adobe study was published recently (Digital Distress: What Keeps Marketers Up at Night?) showing the true state of our marketing teams based on a survey of 1,000 marketers.

The results are revealing to say the least.  76% of marketers think that marketing has changed more over these last two years than the past 50.  Not only that, just 40% of marketers actually think their company has an effective approach.  Ouch!

Here at Frantz Group, we have evolved through the early days of using the internet for simple emails and correspondence to the upswing of early adopters in a digital advertising scramble.   We now find ourselves in the middle of a digital marketing boom, yet most of the companies we encounter are not set up for success.  There is a digital marketing gap as evidenced by these findings:

  •  66% think companies won’t succeed unless they have a solid digital marketing effort
  • Only 48% feel proficient in digital marketing
  • Not surprising when 82% learned digital marketing on the job – they have had no formal training.

Another key finding is that Adobe found that high performing companies are much more confident in their marketing than average or below-average groups.  Why?  They invest more in digital marketing and have greater success in this modern marketplace.  Marketers are finding that with this new wave, they have greater need to be able to track ROI, if they are on the right track with their strategy, and also the overall effectiveness of their campaign.  Companies that are successful have marketing automation systems in place to effectively monitor their progress.

Give your team an opportunity to succeed in this new wave of digital marketing.  Ensure you have a solid digital marketing foundation that can keep your decision makers in tune with your marketing team.  The right marketing solution can help demystify the lesser known concepts behind inbound marketing, and put metrics in their hands that accurately measure your progress.. They can have confidence in the company direction if you show them the path to success.

To help get started, we offer an Inbound Assessment and Recommendation service to help you get your footing and demystify digital marketing.

Don’t fall behind just as the competition and marketplace are heating up.