Are you on the right business driver topics to boost repeat visits to your website?

We all know most prospects take six website visits before they fill out a contact us form.

The question is, if they only visit your site once or just a few times, where did they go next?

Our experience shows, they have gone in search of relevant business driver topics somewhere else and found it.

So, how do you keep them coming back to your site?

To begin with, we suggest building a topic grid for what your target audience wants to learn about.  Then write and post those stories.

How do we go about building a topic grid?

Market Research…  Market Research… Market Research…

First Research Your Chosen Target Market

Perform Solution – Industry buzz research

Identify and study the watering holes serving your product or solution to understand what they are talking about.

Interview/Survey customers and friendly prospects.

Identify and debrief messaging the Professional Associations serving your solution and target market.

Identify and study Industry Newsletters and their advertising.

Perform organic search analysis to identify your Competitive Field.

Debrief Your Competitive Field.

Identify any key meetings or gatherings and their agendas and presenters.

Identify specific public companies relevant to your target market and see what direction statements are made.

Once you have built your topic grid, study it for context and prioritize topics.

Then, build a content asset development plan and execute it.

Get the assets placed and get your SEO team involved to amplify them.

Repeat quarterly.

If you are short of resources or need help, let us know.

We can do this for you or teach you how to do it.

See our Contact Us form.

Good Marketing!