The 5 “Rights” to a Successful Marketing Campaign

The current B2B marketing landscape is filled with examples of failed marketing campaigns. Companies of all sizes are frustrated with changes in individual campaign outcomes and left wondering why campaigns aren’t succeeding like they used to.

We’ve compiled a whitepaper that takes a closer look at Why Marketing Campaigns Don’t Generate Results, and include 5 key areas of emphasis to help frame your mindset around the current marketing world, and how to drive better results from your marketing programs. Want to learn about how the right offers can drive better impact for your campaigns? Learn more about our Right Offer Workshop.

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Why Marketing Campaigns Don't Deliver Results


The 5 “rights” of positive, predictable returns on marketing investments are:

  • Right Objectives
  • Right Market
  • Right Offer
  • Right Mix
  • Right Follow Through

Within the paper, we discuss these components, and how individual campaigns, or even simple tactics that tend to get labeled as campaigns, are becoming more difficult to track, measure and succeed with.  The integrated blend (or Mix) of tactics that you use, in combination with the other rights will be an enormous contributor to your future marketing success.

We know that the world has largely moved on from the simple days of contracting or sponsoring single-tactic campaigns. Your prospects are bombarded with competitive messages from a variety of angles, and to stand out in the proverbial crowd, your message and offer needs to be clearly communicated through the mediums that your target market will be in. Steady, visible reinforcement, both of brand and offer, are what will drive conversions, mqls, sales cycles, and bookings.

We invite you to read more, and hope you find these concepts helpful, both in understanding how integrated marketing has changed, and how to be successful in a changed world. Contact us today at 800-707-0064 to learn how our strategy services can drive better revenue results for your marketing budget.