We find that top revenue responsible leaders are perpetually looking for what can speed up and grow results.   Given the complexity of marketing and sales today it is tricky to determine how to accelerate results and equally as tough to determine where to begin.

We have found a great place to start an assessment like this is to compare your existing funnel progression to your revenue plan.

Start at the bottom of both the funnel and the revenue plan to see if you are closing enough deals fast enough to make the revenue plan, and work up from there.

You see, revenue progression planning is a process.   The output of each step is the input for the next.   The conversion rate per centages of opportunities moving between steps is mission critical as well.

Our first question is, do you have systems in place that are accurately mapped to your situation so that your funnel revenue progression is visible to you?   If you do, great.   If you don’t, we have work to do.   But, a totally solvable problem.

Following that, have you built a revenue generation plan so that you know what volumes you need to generate per funnel stage with what conversion rate at what pace to make your revenue goal?

If you do, great.  Then, it can be a relatively straight forward analysis.   If you have not done this yet, we suggest you use the revenue generation template we are sharing later in this article.

This assessment will reliably show you where your stage funnel volumes are low or your conversion rates are low.

And that, is where the fun begins…

Integrated sales funnel tactics drive improved revenue outcomes.

You may find you are short of opportunities entering the top of the funnel.  That is a marketing problem.    You may find your conversion from Closing to Win is too low.   That is normally a sales process problem, or sales skill or inadequate content to prove your value problem.

In the 26 years Frantz Group has been helping tech firms grow, we have charted root problems affecting the entire revenue engine process.   So far, above we have talked about only the two simplest and most obvious examples of revenue constraints to overcome as illumination.

The most common issues that this assessment typically reveals include, messaging, branding, content, SEO, website, skills, leadership, dashboarding, data, market selection, etc.

Our most important point is, doing this assessment, is absolutely, without question, the single most important thing you can do to effectively manage your revenue growth challenge.

Not to be overly dramatic, but, not doing this means you are spending your company’s precious time and money wandering lost in the woods while your competition eats your market share.

Sorry, I get a little wound up about this.   Because, I feel it is my responsibility to make sure my clients understand, that ultimately your constraints need to be outsmarted to be solved, not out volumned.  (You won’t find out volumned in the dictionary but I think it works here.  😊)

You cannot just do more of what does not work and make it up on volume.

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