In a previous blog post we have talked about our observation that 25% of the CEO’s we have met and worked with are happy with their sales and marketing outcomes and 75% are very definitely not happy or satisfied.

Predominantly, the unhappy CEOs are willing to confess they really are at a loss to fully and confidently understand why it is not working.  This is particularly frustrating for them because they realize their business growth and valuation is dependent on it.

The top 5, most essential core elements of their “why” frustration include:

  1. Typically they don’t understand the “why” because they don’t fully understand at the detail level how it should be done.
  2. They don’t know if they have the right people running it.
  3. They suspect they don’t have the right processes and discipline in place to do it correctly.
  4. They don’t have complete visibility in to actually what is being done, how much it costs and how long will take to provide a return?
  5. They don’t have necessary measurement tools and standards in place to identify the constraints that need to be fixed to produce forecastable revenue.

CEO Sales and Marketing Red Flags

If this describes you today, take heart in the fact that most of the CEO’s we work with start here. We can get our arms around these Top 5 “whys” with assessment, education, senior leadership and execution and an honest discussion about costs, expectations and timing. We have 26 years of experience as a firm and over 100 years experience at the partner level.

We can provide you with the theory and real life, best of breed examples of how it is done.

Reduce your frustration and grow. See how we carry the expertise to drive your brand forward.