Marketing Placement Services

Marketing Staffing & Professional Placement

Sometimes, it makes sense to extend your marketing team in a direct way.  Frantz Group offers a number of options to organizations looking to either improve their existing marketing staff or to provide specific project coverage that their own teams would not have time to properly cover themselves.

Our extensive network of marketing professionals allows us to provide you with the right level resources to ensure your success in your marketing endeavors. This includes outsourced CMO, Marketing Director, or a variety of specific skill sets like event management, vendor management, project management, copywriting, digital strategy, web design, and more. Our expert recruiting process ensures that the professionals we place will have both the skills and real experience to fit your needs.

Options for placement include interim or project based work, contract professionals for specific periods of time, and direct-hire from our network.

While Frantz Group has a variety of specific marketing lead generation and business growth strategy options available, sometimes, it makes sense for organizations to look for strong supplemental resources to help their business thrive, instead of working on a specific program engagement.  Our marketing placement services continue to fill that need.

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