Greetings! I just wanted to write a follow up post to our Improving Inbound Marketing Analytics webinar series.

Google Analytics is at an important junction with the roll out of the Universal Analytics application. If you’ve got an Analytics account, but haven’t been using it regularly (or are using remarketing and display advertiser features), odds are, you haven’t gone through the upgrade process just yet. If you have upgraded, or have very recently created a new account, that means your website is using an updated tracking script from google called analytics.js.

What that means in the context of our latest webinar, is that there are some changes to tracking if you’ve opted to track special links and downloads as page views or events. Using the OnClick event, we show in the webinar that a specific pdf download or remote page view (eg a webinar file) can be shown as a page view within your analytics account, and then be tracked as a goal within the system. This is a great way to keep an eye on how frequently your content that isn’t html based is being accessed and enjoyed.

Within the webinar, we show that within the standard Google Analytics account (using the gs.js script), the function being called goes like this (remember, this snippet of code gets added within the a href tag itself):


['_trackPageview', 'page path');"

If you’ve upgraded to Universal Analytics, or are thinking about upgrading to Universal Analytics, your tracking links will use a slightly different format, to go along with the upgraded analytics.js file:

onclick="ga('send', 'pageview', 'page path');"

The page path values should not change if you’ve already established goals using those paths. The Universal Analytics tracking script simply uses a cleaner and easier to understand call to send the additional page view to their tracking system.

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