B2B Demand Generation

Demand Generation

Does your solution fall into a new niche? Have a great digital presence but not enough people searching for what you do?  That’s where demand generation comes into play. With newer products and solutions, outbound demand generation creates the initial awareness and fit-to-pain that is necessary to drive business leads and opportunities.

History has shown that prospects buy from companies/people they know and trust. How well a company is known is related to the amount of exposure to it. Trust is built around intelligence, outcomes, and whether or not an organization is perceived to fulfill its promises over time. The product of knowledge and trust is a relationship.

In essence, the purpose of a demand generation campaign is to begin the dialogue between a vendor and a prospective client – to inform, to engage, to qualify and, ultimately, to convince; to begin a relationship. Therefore, outbound outreach remains a crucial element of every demand generation program. Outbound outreach is necessary to delve beyond the contacts you can buy in a marketing list, to strategically uncover and develop relationships with real decision makers for your solutions.

Generating demand for B2B technology solutions

Frantz Group provides highly trained professionals capable of understanding the complexity of our clients’ solutions and the marketplaces they serve; people truly capable of building relationships on our clients’ behalf, and building their sales pipeline through deep account understanding, highly qualified leads and targeted appointment-setting. Our programs can be tailored to OEMs, channel partners and resellers, as well as consulting organizations.

We offer co-branding services for demand generation campaigns, that allow us to involve a channel owner with one or more business partners delivering a larger suite of services. We find that lead generation efforts frequently generate conversation about infrastructure and business applications, a co-branded marketing approach allows us to fill more needs from these conversations as well as help share the costs of programs across multiple organizations. These programs can include digital marketing elements as well as traditional outbound demand generation components.

Frantz Group can help you generate demand through our services of:

We invite you to learn more about our service offerings. Our 25 years of B2B demand generation experience allow us to draw upon a wealth of industry and solution knowledge to help you grow buying relationships in your target markets.