Expert writing services for case studies, white papers, and press releases.

Frantz Group employs talented and creative writers who are able to assist with getting your content to market quickly and effectively. Our industry marketing experience allows us to write with great expertise to your target audience, while our vast experiences with a variety of software, hardware and service orientated technology solutions helps ensure that the messaging we create is relevant, intelligent, and helpful to the target audience, while expertly representing your brand and products.

Our authoring services are derived from years of experience representing technology products, writing scripts for calling programs, pain track nurturing programs, scripting and storyboarding for videos, and creation of one to one, and large audience email blasts, landing pages, and social media communications and interactions. Frantz Group takes the pulse of your target market, and will design appropriate materials to round out your portfolio.

Contacts at all stages within Marketing, nurture, and sales funnel tracks will need a variety of information to help move them through the pipeline and the right creative materials can do that while reinforcing your brand position throughout the sales process. While utilizing behavioral marketing, we can help determine the right pieces of collateral that are necessary for a prospect to help cultivate the initial relationship. Sales representatives will also look for custom, expertly written and branded materials to assist them.

Frantz Group is able to assist with analyzing your existing portfolio of materials, determining the fit and effectiveness of those materials, as well as creating new creative pieces to fill in any gaps in your MARCOM portfolio. Our ability to create these effective MARCOM materials is based on our long expertise in B2B technology marketing, telesales, and industry analysis. If you’d like to consult further on how we can extend your creative assets, please fill out the form on this page.