Channel Marketing Performance Diagnostic

Accelerating the results of your channel partners

Best practice marketing and sales companies outperform the average as much as six times over.  Find out more about how this new channel marketing diagnostic tool approach can rapidly improve your channel’s performance, teach your channel to hunt their own business, and achieve your sales targets predictably and profitably.

Channel Marketing Performance Diagnostic

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The days of free-flowing MDF have come to an end, and well they should. Over the past 3 years, MDF and simple turnkey programs have achieved little in the way of predictable results. According to one global channel executive, “Pipeline coverage globally is our chief concern. We’ve got to teach VARs to hunt their own meat.” Millions spent on MDF into the channel have often returned little to no pipeline.

All this may leave you wondering, “Where to start?” Do I need new VARs that understand the new marketing and sales world? Do I need to re-do all of my collateral? Is more MDF needed? How much should my VARs spend to get the pipeline up? What training do my VARs need? How do I find the best techniques across a global VAR network? Who are the right VARs to invest in, how much? The questions are seemingly endless.

Channel Marketing Performance Diagnostic Insights

Marketing Diagnostic Insights
Start with specific insights across up to 95 different dimensions. – Accelerating channels is no longer possible with broad brush programs and companies can no longer afford expensive point in time consulting engagements to understand barriers to performance and find the optimal leverage points. At Frantz Group, we’ve built over 50 years of collective experience driving results through channels into an online diagnostic that identifies specific gaps. In 60 days or less, you’ll learn more about each VAR and motivate the channel to achieve another level of self-sufficiency.

Key Solution Portfolio Analysis Areas:

  • Offering mix vs. strategic target
  • Level of enablement against target
  • Gap analysis of bookings vs. plan
  • Bookings growth vs. market growth
  • Wallet share vs. competitive alternatives within VAR

Process Designed to Optimize Your Economics

If this were just some very complete assessment tool, it would have the same unpredictable effect that many books, process changes philosophies and consulting engagements have… but it is NOT merely an assessment tool. Each channel participant receives a private assessment and recommendation session, including a Right Offer Workshop. Often this helps VARs “hear” the truth outside the pressure of their channel account managers. We also work with channel account managers to get them focused on the fewest actions in the fewest VARs to meet or beat targeted results. The survey helps get beyond anecdotes of who’s ready and focus on facts and detailed comparisons.

We’re in market quickly. In 4 to 6 weeks, you’ll have a tailored survey and communications plan ready to go. A typical survey process should run for 45 days to maximize results, but this means you can be pursuing dramatically better results in one quarter’s time and the VARs will be equally enlightened and motivated to change through the comparative assessment.

Costs, normally shared with the VARs, are decidedly light both up front and an ongoing basis. Typical program costs are in the thousands per VAR participant, making it easy for everyone to generate results.

Last, we’re not focused on fancy advice and binders. We’re focused on generating results… for the channel master and for each VAR participating in the process. So, we focus the survey to drive targeted results, and participate throughout the year, to help drive the results.

An overview download of our Channel Marketing Performance Diagnostic overview.